GGB Reno’s “Geek Love” Brunch

GGB Reno’s “Geek Love” Brunch

Love was in the air for GGB Reno’s February “Geek Love” themed brunch. Twelve brunchettes were in attendance to discuss their favorite geeky couples and romance movies, and to engage in some lively ship wars. Julie started off introductions by talking about her all-time favorite couple, Sailor Moon’s Usagi & Mamoru, and her appropriately favorite romantic movie, Sailor Moon R. She also gave a quick should out to Green and Pink Ranger!

GGB Reno founder Katie, and Julie
“Zutara” fan Paola & GGB Reno officer Erin

Paola is our GGB Reno resident expert on fan fic and shipping. Her favorite couple is “Zutara,” or Prince Zuko & Katara from Avatar: The Last Airbender. She also began what was one of the most popular continuing themes throughout the brunch by mentioning Pride & Prejudice as her favorite romantic watch, both the miniseries and film. Jane Austen would go on to prove one of the solid winners of the day…GGB officer Erin said what everyone was thinking – that Han & Leia is DEFINITELY the ultimate geek couple. As a child of the 80s, Han & Leia were the IT couple to aspire to (except of course, He-Man and Teela!). She also has a love of Buffy & Angel, and The Princess Bride is her favorite romantic geek film.

Cheyenne & Grace both chose animated favorite geek couples!

Cheyenne’s favorite couple is Rapunzel & Eugene, but she also loves Spock & Uhura from the Star Trek reboot. The Princess Bride is also her pick for favorite geeky romance. Grace mixed things up a bit and went for a comic book classic – Jean Grey and Scott Summers. A big Miyazaki fan, she also loves Sophie & Howl from Howl’s Moving Castle.



Nuriko & Ami mix things up a bit!

Nuriko took things in a different direction when she cited Batman & Joker as her favorite couple! She also loves Jeeves & Wooster, and the movie Princess Mononoke. She also suggested *no one* google Ai no Kusabi…Ami is a big Holmes/Watson shipper, as well as House/Wilson (both received applause from the group!). She doesn’t own many romantic movies but does love Return to Me, because David Duchovny.


GGB Reno officer Kayla and Chelsea remind everyone of some glaring omissions

Officer Kayla also expressed love for Pride & Prejudice, but she surprised everyone by mentioning the often-forgotten couple of Rick & Evie from the 1999 movie The Mummy. Kayla loved them so much she wanted to be a librarian like Evie when she was younger! She also loves Leeloo & Korben Dallas from The Fifth Element and Edward & Winry from Full Metal Alchemist. Chelsea was surprisingly the first person to mention Wash & Zoe from Firefly, but she also loves the Doctor & River Song (which broke us off into a debate about the Doctor & Rose). She also discussed Austenland, yet another win by Jane Austen at this brunch!


Amy also loves Austen, and Vanessa loves way more than she ever thought!

Amy’s favorite couple is Peggy Carter & Steve Rogers. She brought the discusson back to Jane Austen again, by talking about Northanger Abbey, both the TV movie and book, which many brunchettes seemed quite interested to discover. Officer Vanessa never realized how romantic she was until she had to start thinking about this brunch. Her favorite geek couple, despite tremendous love for Han & Leia, will always be Seymour & Audrey from Little Shop of Horrors. She also loves a disturbing number of geeky romantic films, including Ever After.

GGB Reno founder Katie (pictured at top) brought us back to comic books, as her favorite couple growing up was Gambit & Rogue. She definitely relates more to Bob & Linda from Bob’s Burgers nowadays, however. She also loves Jim & Pam from The Office, and gives another win to The Princess Bride as her favorite geeky romance movie.

We finished up the brunch by playing a “Geek Love” themed trivia game, and found that it was more difficult than you’d expect to think of Disney films that DON’T involve any romance. All brunchettes went home with a GGB Reno geeky valentines bag of goodies including Batman Pop Rocks, MLP mini-pens, Avengers candies, and SpongeBob Krabby Patty gummies. Every month we get together to discuss things we love, so it was fun during this brunch to specifically discuss the loves that we love!

GGB Reno loves geek love!

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