GGB Nottingham Go Gaming!

GGB Nottingham Go Gaming!

On 26th February our Nottingham Brunchettes headed to a local Gaming Lounge for our February Brunch. On the way there we went past a shop with the perfect vest top for us all at Geek Girl Brunch! How cute?!

We arrived at Alt Gaming Lounge to find our table reserved & the super helpful staff ready to look after us. There were a few of our regular Brunchettes & a brand new recruit, too. Very exciting. After perusing the menu we each decided on our food, which ranged from halloumi burgers, to loaded fries, to pizza. Unfortunately I was a bad brunchette & didn’t take any food pictures because we all tucked in straight away but, take it from me, the food was delicious.

When this Brunch was organised we wanted to do something for GGBDobetter & decided that we should hold a collection for Monthly Gift Notts, which is a local charity that collects & distributes sanitary items for vulnerable & homeless people.  Everyone donated to the collection &, as a result, we dropped off 3 full bags to the local drop point. Well done everyone!

Finally we decided to get on with some gaming. None of us were serious Gamers & had no experience with any of the more complicated games on offer so, despite there being every console you could think of to choose from, we went with the Nintendo Wii & good old Mario Party 8. This is a multi-player game where you compete against each other to win coins & collect stars. It was great fun!

We had a prize for the winner but, by fluke rather than by talent, Nottingham officer Kelly won the prize so she decided to pass it on to our new member, Hannah. The prize was a Video Game themed necklace & badge set, from Down The Rabbit Hole. How cool is it? (very cool is the answer).

We had an ace time at Alt, the staff were super friendly & helpful, the food was great & the choice of consoles & games was fantastic, we’ll hopefully be back for another Brunch soon.

Next Nottingham Brunch

Our next Brunch is scheduled for April, date TBD, & the theme will be Magical Creatures. Hope to see you there!


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