GGB Reno’s December “Rogue One” Brunch

GGB Reno’s December “Rogue One” Brunch

The force was with the Reno chapter of GGB, as our December Rogue One Brunch and White Wampa gift exchange broke multiple records for attendance. Not only did we pack the house with 18 brunchettes, we also had numerous first-timers as well. We all introduced ourselves, talking about what influence Star Wars has had on our lives, as well as briefly talking about our other main fandom areas.

Grace & Vanessa

Co-officer Vanessa kicked things off, in full Leia Ceremonial Gown attire, which was also her wedding dress! She is an avid cosplayer and LOVES all costumes Princess Leia-oriented, plus her husband & mom are in the 501st Legion so Star Wars is literally her whole life. Grace is a huge fantasy and anime fan, but only got into SW when they were rereleased before the prequels. She got us on the topic of how awesome it is to be a geek mom, as she is delighting in raising 2 geek kids of her own!


First time brunchettes Clara & Amy


We welcomed newcomers Clara & Amy to their first brunch. Clara loves Star Wars and remembers pretending to use the force as a child. Amy is a huge sci-fi/fantasy fan, but admitted to hating A New Hope as a kid – she only became hooked on SW later after watching Empire when she was older.


Paola admitted to not being a huge SW fan. We forgive her! She has plenty other fandoms, such as Avatar and Harry Potter, which make up for this 🙂

Paola, Cheyenne, & Savannah!

Cheyenne wasn’t a huge Star Wars but her boyfriend is also in the 501st so she has no choice in the matter! Savannah, at her first brunch also, loves Star Wars & Disney, but also introduced the highly popular idea that “coffee” should be considered its own fandom as well!


Katie & CJ

GGB Reno co-founder Katie always “liked” Star Wars, but wasn’t the hugest fan until The Force Awakens, which she LOVES!

CJ proudly admits to loving both the Ewoks and the Slave Leia outfit; they were her favorite thing about Star Wars.



Christie & “Luke” (Becca)

Christie also did not love Star Wars growing up, although her first SW movie was Ep. 1 so who can blame her…She came to her senses and now loves the movies and plays a lot of Battlefront. Being a huge fan of Harrison Ford doesn’t hurt either. Becca is also a massive SW fan (has the tattoo to prove it), and apparently only answered to “Luke” until she was 4. She’s very excited for Rogue One!


Chelsea, Julie, & Erin

Chelsea Likes SW, but loves Star Trek! Once again we all acknowledged how much harder it is to find a lady Trekkie vs. a lady Star Wars fan. Julie can practically recite the original SW movies verbatim! She is also a Trekkie (TNG was “family time”), and is also an avid reader. Co-officer Erin’s love of SW comes from her brother, and she’s played many of the video games throughout the years. She also has a strong love of anime.


Jedi & Wicket

Kira proved her Star Wars love by coming in full Jedi robes! She proved she’s a true geek girl by proudly declaring that she is molecular gastronomy culinary student, and can speak both Klingon and Quenya! Our newest Reno co-officer Kayla promoted the web show RWBY from Rooster Teeth. She is also a big gamer.



First time brunchettes Jan & Barbara

Jan was another first-time brunchette, but no stranger to GGB, as she is co-officer Vanessa’s mother! She talked passionately about the impact that SW had back in 1977 on the world. She is a member of the 501st Legion and regularly troops as Boushh. She grew up on Astro Boy, Universal Monsters, and Original Star Trek when it first aired! Barbara was also at brunch for the first time! A New Hope is the first movie she remembers seeing in theaters – at a drive in, no less!


Our biggest brunch group ever!

Everyone had a fantastic time during the White Wampa gift exchange, and most of the brunchettes went home with such awesome gifts as the Oregon Trail card game, General Organa Pop! Figure, Star Wars Crochet set, and various Star Wars-themed apparel. We are all forward to the first Reno GGB meetup of 2017!

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