Celebrating Space Brunch – GGB NYC

Celebrating Space Brunch – GGB NYC

Celebrating Space!

Wedged between Fan Girls’ Night Out and our holiday party, we returned to what we do best – hosting fabulous brunches! Our last brunch of 2016 celebrated all out-of-this-world fandoms set in space. On Saturday, November 13, we met at Dos Caminos Times Square for an afternoon of margaritas, Mass Effect, Mars and multi-passes.

Tribble centerpieces purred as brunchettes munched on chips and guacamole. Everyone wore their finest Doctor Who, Star Wars and Star Trek ensembles, and a space cats dress with cat collar from Miss Patina became a brunch star. Conversation progressed from naming our favorite space fandoms to inspiring real-life women astronauts to Rogue One and episode VIII speculation.

Our raffle was as big as Jupiter featuring a prize for every attendee! Brunchettes received items such as Star Wars prints, Futurama ships, Cylons, planet posters, plush facehuggers, and an amazing space-themed box of goodies donated by FanMail Box.

Afterwards, we journeyed to a galaxy not so far away for a lightsaber lesson with the ladies of the Empire Saber Guild. Everyone learned to wield lightsabers and force push, and it was awesome. Then brunchettes paired off to duel as both sides of the force showed off their new moves.

The afternoon ended with an epic Star Wars themed mannequin challenge. Check it out here

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