St. Louis Metro November Brunch

St. Louis Metro November Brunch

Some days you just need to gather with your favorite geekettes, sip on a nice, tall sangria, and talk about the fantasy worlds that spark the imagination! one

That’s exactly what the ladies of the St. Louis chapter of Geek Girl Brunch did on November 13 at the Tavern on Main. 15555047_10100374854251592_987897759_nSporting three pages of delicious drinks to choose from, specialty flat breads, and a scrumptious brunch style buffet, there were plenty of options for all those that showed up!

15451029_10100374854256582_495069090_nThis was our last brunch of the year so we wanted to make it special and turn it into a Geek Girl Brunch Do Better event. One of our geekettes used to volunteer at a local violence prevention center and we were all excited to collect toys to donate! When one of our officers called the center to let them know, the center told us they didn’t need toys, but instead they needed kitchen wares. Once we told our brunchettes the goodies we needed to donate, they surpassed expectations and ended up donating three shopping carts worth of brand new kitchen items! After the brunch when the items were dropped off at the center, we were told that a woman was just about to get her own apartment and would be so thankful for all the help we had given!

15497477_10100374854266562_1347981622_nOur swag for this brunch (since we didn’t really have a theme) was charms! We let the girls pick from their favorite fandoms and then each lady made their charm with a little glue and mod podge! Doctor Who, Firefly, and Harry Potter seemed to be the most popular! november brunch






It is always a great time to gather with these ladies and enjoy the conversations of like-minded company! We are excited for our January brunch (Sherlock themed!) after a well deserved rest for the month of December!

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