GGB Memphis- Wear Your Fandom Inaugural Brunch

GGB Memphis- Wear Your Fandom Inaugural Brunch

Memphis Geek Girl Brunch Launch – Wear Your Fandom

A handful of Memphis Brunchettes took a break from Memphis Comic and Fantasy Con weekend on Sunday November 20th to gather at Amerigo and have our first official Geek Girl Brunch. We were joined on this one occasion by a couple of our tiny Brunchettes-In-Training who sat at their own little table off to the side and enjoyed being together and being treated like the fantastic little women that they are.

We chose the theme “Wear Your Fandom” as a fun way to break the ice and it worked really well. Conversation around the table bounced among more than half a dozen different fandoms over the course of brunch, everything from Buffy to Bronys to Barney…literally. We had a terrific time.

As part of the conversation we looked at the upcoming releases hitting the theaters in the next several months and decided that our next outing will be Brunch and seeing Rogue One. We’re all looking forward to the weekend of December 18th!

memphisIn the Memphis area and want to join our local geek girls? Be sure to check out our page and join the mailing list! We’d love to have you!


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