GGB Prescott Launch: Pokemon Gonna Meet!

GGB Prescott Launch: Pokemon Gonna Meet!

GGB Prescott Launch: To celebrate our first brunch in September 2016, we had to catch’em all! With Pokemon Go! being one of the summer’s most popular trends, Pokemon was the perfect choice.


The Location 

Cuppers, a locally owned coffee hot spot in the heart of Prescott, Az, happily welcomed our Brunchettes. It was a wonderful location because not only is it a Poke Gym, there are also Poke Stops all around, and their coffee and treats are tasty! We set out a few lures to entice some Pokemon to visit us with lots of success.

Pokemon Success

With the help of some icebreaker questions, our chatting and laughter became infectious very quickly!  It took no time at all to  discover who hailed from which team and we were all happy to see that Team Instinct, Mystic, and Valor were pretty equally represented.  We shared tips for Pokemon Go, compared our respective Pokedexes, and discussed our favorite Pokemon.  Near the end of our event, we had a Pokemon Trivia contest with prizes that our lovely officer, Bonnie, crocheted for our top two trivia winners!

Our Brunchettes love crafting!  We are planning ahead for some crafting get together: crochet, origami, and 8-bit crafts.  We also are excited by the many themes that were suggested for our local GGB chapter to explore by our members.

GGB Prescott Launch.  After lots of coffee, conversation, trivia, prizes, and smiles we called it a day on a successful first Brunch. Cheers!

Prizes for our trivia!
Prizes for our trivia!


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