GGB Pittsburgh: Magical Creatures Brunch and Harry Potter!

GGB Pittsburgh: Magical Creatures Brunch and Harry Potter!

November brought some much needed magic to GGB Pittsburgh. Not only did we get to return to the wonderful world of Harry Potter during our Magical Creatures brunch, but we enjoyed our first burst of big, fluffy swirls of snow. It truly was a winter wonderland!

We assembled our Brunchettes and headed to the movies for an early-morning showing of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, making sure to treat ourselves to the cozy VIP section. Those chairs are definitely worth it! After we reveled in JK Rowling’s newest addition to one of our favorite fandoms, we migrated over to the incredible Blue Dust gastropub. Some Brunchettes elected to walk, as it wasn’t far from the theater, and we started feeling the magic of the season as beautiful snowflakes began falling all around us as we crossed the train tracks and walked into the restaurant.

Because we’ve had so many new members sign up in the past month, we kicked off our brunch with a GGB PGH Bingo game that got our Brunchettes up out of their seats and talking to one another (fun fact: the game of Bingo was created right here in Pittsburgh). Who has lived in Pittsburgh for less than a year? Who drove more than 20 minutes to get to brunch? Who took public transportation? It was so nice to get to know our new Brunchettes. The first Brunchettes to reach Bingo were given first crack at swag.

Blue Dust was such an amazing venue for GGB PGH. Not only was their menu incredibly delicious and interesting, but they also were so welcoming and enthusiastic about having us as guests in their restaurant. We took up about 70% of the free space they had, so we were very grateful to them for being such awesome supporters. The staff was attentive and did wonderfully with our very large group, and the entire process (which involved ordering our meals in advance) was convenient and easy. We were also treated yet again by Pittsburgh Sweet Relief with some magical-looking candy!

creatures brunch
Round of applause for Blue Dust!

And we are so excited to share that GGB Pittsburgh was featured in a recent article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, which can be read here. We also signed up dozens of new Brunchettes during our weekend at Wizard World Comic Con. Our numbers are growing, and we’re very excited to meet all of these new geeky and wonderful women at future events. Thank you Pittsburgh for all your love and acceptance of us. Thank you Brunchettes for being the best group of people we’ve been honored to know, and thank you HQ for all your support. We hope to see all our new faces at our second annual Merry Sith-mas celebration in December!

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