Geek Girl of the Month – Erin

Geek Girl of the Month – Erin

Here at Geek Girl Brunch we are proud of our many accomplished members and officers. That’s why we decided to start a blog series called “Geek Girl of the Month”. Each month we will highlight an amazing member of our community with a special post.

This month, we have chosen Erin from GGB Phoenix! Erin was nominated by fellow GGB Officer Stefanie.


Bio: Erin is a graphic designer for a clothing company, as well as a blogger and cosplayer.

Erin’s Site: E-Rad’s Cantina

Social Media: Instagram, Bloglovin

How did you start/get involved with your project?

– I started blogging about 3 years ago when I became OBSESSED with different blogs myself. I loved the format, and I needed a creative outlet at home that I could make all my own. Being creative for a living is awesome, but there are also a lot of constraints. It was nice to have something that I could concept, photograph, style and write. My blog soon became geek-focused when I did some exploring and realized that my passions revolved around gaming, comics and movies. Thus, E-Rad’s Cantina was born! I’ve also started doing cosplay, and I hope to keep growing my skill set in that arena too! 😀


What motivates you?

– I like to surround myself with people I aspire to be like. I think it pushes me and makes me do things I would normally not be comfortable doing on my own.

Tell us about an obstacle, or obstacles you had to overcome to get to where you are.

– I personally battle with my insecurities all the time. I am a plus size girl, and I’ve been recently diagnosed with Binge Eating Disorder so I’ve been in recovery for most of this year. I’ve been trying to learn love and acceptance for myself and develop a “healthy at every size” mindset. I won’t pretend that it’s been easy, but I will say that I’ve already started to grow and heal from this experience, and I can’t wait to come out of this stronger and with the knowledge to help others with the same struggle.


What do you hope to achieve in the future?

– Oh my goodness, I have so many things I want to achieve, but so many of those things are little goals. I see new projects all the time that I want to tackle. I think generally I just hope to keep growing, maybe even competing in cosplay and pushing myself to new levels 🙂

Who is your role model?

– I know this isn’t a real person but I’m always striving to be like Leslie Knope. Parks and rec is my favorite show and every time I watch that fictional character I am motivated to work harder, love my friends more and to be passionate about the things I love.

What’s your secret superpower?

– Becoming HYPER obsessed with things almost overnight. Once I get the bug I will research it to death and the next thing you know I’m creating whole new projects based around it. My last victim was Stephen universe XD


Favorite tip for self motivation/productivity/organizing etc.

– Hahaha I mean watching Leslie Knope buzz around Pawnee is what keeps me going. However for organization I love calendars, project management systems (I use CoSchedule for my blog) hmmm…. I keep in contact with my fellow Phoenix officers via text and Facebook. These all seem to be working really well for me 🙂

How did you hear about GGB?

– Actually through fellow geek bloggers  meli from melificent and Megan from the nerdy girlie!

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What do you enjoy most about GGB?

– I LOVE that GGB has created this awesome, accepting place for girls to just bond over comics and video games and movies and whatever else. Our Phoenix chapter has been so incredible, and i just love meeting new friends and seriously FREAKING OUT over cosplay and Harry Potter (amongst so many other things). Everyone is just so warm and welcoming and I’m so thankful that this space exists!

Do you have any words of wisdom for your fellow GGBrunchers?

– Be yourself. Be excited about the things that you love. And I know this one is sort of a cliche but love and treat others like you would want to be loved and treated! It’s that love and acceptance that keeps GGB a wonderful and warm place and so far, we ladies are KILLING it <3


Thanks Erin for being apart of Geek Girl Brunch and letting us feature you in this blog series!

If you would like to nominate yourself or a fellow GGB member to be our next Geek Girl of the Month, then simply send an email to the main site with the subject “GGB of the Month”. In the body of the email please give a brief description of your project and any links, or the name and info for the brunchette you’re nominating, so we can get in touch with her.

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