Berlin Chapter Premiere Brunch

Berlin Chapter Premiere Brunch

Geek Girl Brunch’s Berlin Chapter had its first brunch on October 30th, 2016! Finally!

We met at Cafe Uebereck in one of the hippest parts of Berlin called Friedrichshain.

For it was our very first “get-to-know” brunch we thought it best not to be too ornate. We wanted to focus on being ourselves and started with an open theme:

“Let’s talk about your geeky passions!”

In retrospect it looks a bit bleak on the pictures but after the food arrived and the conversation started it definitely didn’t feel so. Check out Sylvie’s pennant as a center piece. (Oh myyy, do we love her plotter and admire her sewing skills <3 ) A couple of Tardis and Dalek cookies completed the picture. Room for improvement in the decoration department, but the charming geekiness of all the women was so inspiring and adornment enough!

Well, the pleasure of being a geek girl given the opportunity to talk about what she loves most! We (Officers Sylvie and Petra) started with introducing ourselves. Part of the conversation was filled with retelling our adventures with fellow GeekGirl Marlen at the “Doctor Strange” Fanpremiere 4 days earlier with Tilda Swinton, Benedict Cumberbatch and Scott Derricksen. And here comes my favorite line “Did I tell you I named my daughter after her?” That also was our first official GeekGirlBrunch Event and we even succeeded in recruiting a new member.

(Unfortunately the Tilda-Benedict-Scott-Pictures are too blurry. My hands were too shaky from excitement.)

We were still a bit starstruck but soon the introduction of Merav, Marlen and Bianca steered the conversation in other directions. Doctor Who seemed common ground but we also discovered a lot of similar interests in different series, films, comics and even books. Bianca added the Manga factor and completed the picture with a lot of gaming experiences. Which is super cool because we are all looking forward for her expertise and giving us some advice on what we should check out. Merav also happen to know a lot about film and photography and posted some interesting links on our group site afterwards.

At the end of a lovely brunch we gathered a lot of ideas for futur brunches, events, group cosplays (Squeee!) and how to complement our pennant. An excellent start and we look forward to our next event (Doctor Who Christmas Special?) and brunch.

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