GGB Pittsburgh Celebrates One Year in the Steel City

GGB Pittsburgh Celebrates One Year in the Steel City

14650038_342535976098907_8233799206687268079_nOn October 15th, GGB Pittsburgh celebrates one year of meetups in the city we live in and love.  After twelve months of brunch themes that included gems like a “Tea-Rex” Party, a birthday party for Harry Potter, and a James Bond-style casino run, for our one year anniversary we decided to keep it simple and celebrate by representing our favorite fandoms at this particular brunch.  Ladies did not let us down.  Star Wars, Studio Ghibli, Harry Potter, Dr. Who and Marvel were all spotted during brunch. We also welcomed several first time brunchettes to our event, which made the outing even more festive as we had the chance to make some new friendships.

For our Birthday Brunch we met at Smallman Galley, located in the wonderful Strip District.  Smallman Galley is a unique dining experience — 4 different restaurants and 2 bars make up the location, and long tables allow diners to meet new people as they chow down on some amazing local cuisine.  There were so many brunch options for us to choose from that it took many brunchettes twenty minutes just to decide.  Every dish that came out of the kitchen was met with a chorus of “oohs” and “aahs” as we suffered from a small tinge of buyer’s remorse.  However, the food was so good that everyone left happy.


In the month leading up to brunch, we asked our members to tell us what GGB Pgh has meant to them in the past year.  We had an outpouring of response from ladies, many of which we shared during brunch.  It was amazing to see all of these moments we have helped to create in the city through mimosas and brunches in the past year.


Because we had so many ladies joining us for brunch, our swag bags were mystery picks full of an eclectic assortment of fandoms.  Game of Thrones, DC Comics, and Harry Potter items were all thrown into the bags for ladies to choose at random.  Each lady also received some birthday swag and a DC Girls comic book to celebrate the day.  The comic books came to us from Eide’s, also located in the Strip.  After all the swag was handed out we had an additional raffle for some insane Harry Potter stuff that was donated to us by a friend.  Brunchette Krissy won the mystery Harry Potter box, with a crocheted house scarf, golden snitch, and tiny owls!

We had such a wonderful time celebrating one year in Pittsburgh with all of our members!  We’re so excited to see where this next year takes our group!  A huge thank you to Smallman Galley, who put up with 20 ladies geeking out at their largest table for 2+ hours.  The food was wonderful, and we will be back!  An even bigger thank you to the 160+ members of GGB Pittsburgh who make planning brunches easy and fun!  Without your support over the past year, we’re not sure this would be as successful as it has become.

Next up: we have a date with Wizard World in early November, as well as a Gilmore Girls Party before the release of the new Netflix series.  And in November we’ll be meeting for a magical creatures brunch that’s quite unlike anything we’ve planned before!


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