GGB Baltimore Halloween-aversary

GGB Baltimore Halloween-aversary

It was a blustery Saturday when the ladies of GGB Baltimore met up to celebrate not only our one year anniversary(!) but our Halloween extravaganza. Luckily this year, we managed to avoid the Baltimore Running Marathon so it was a fairly quiet morning when we set out. We once again met up at our first meeting place, Golden West Café and really the only thing that has changed there in the past year was the delicious seasonal brunch beverages like Apple Cider Mosas. It was great to see some old faces as well as some brand new ones. Sticking with our Halloween theme though, some of our ladies showed up in amazing costumes and they were greeted with some fun trick or treat bags that contained not only candy, the best part of Halloween of course, but some fun skull rings that doubled as fake nails. This month was one of our biggest turn outs yet and we can only hope that we can continue to grow with in this coming year.

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After enjoying our delicious meals of blue velvet waffles, breakfast nachos, French toast that looked like a quarter loaf of bread, we moved on to, per tradition, to Atomic Books on Falls Rd.


Many awesome things were to be found once we stepped inside, continuing our conversations and good times while browsing the shelves full of comics, books, games and figures. Much like a spirit echo of last year the staff was once again welcoming and pleasant as we descended upon the shop. After finding a plethora of goodies, some of our brunchettes had to depart for the day while the rest walked the couple blocks of 36th Street to the Charmery to round out our breakfast with some amazingly good homemade ice cream, complete with magical, color changing spoons! They had more than just the tradition flavors like chocolate and vanilla too. In fact they had everything from the traditional to a near Baltimore Staple of Old Bay Caramel Popcorn to the seasonal Pumpkin Spice!


So as we bring this one year anniversary brunch to a close we look back at the great year we had. Sure, its been a little rocky with some officer changes over the months, but we are all looking forward to see what new adventures we officers will be able to go on with our brunchettes. See you in November for our trek to London, well…to the movies to see Mythical Beasts and Where to Find Them but not before grabbing a bite at a local British Themed Pub!


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