GGB Indianapolis – Back to Hogwarts Brunch!

GGB Indianapolis – Back to Hogwarts Brunch!

The Hogwarts Express took a magical detour to the Northside Kitchenette in Indianapolis’s Broad Ripple district on September 24, just long enough to pick up a bevy of bright eyed witches for a boxcar brunch.

Our newest officer, Allyson, fashioned her very own sorting hat – in quiz form – to help img_20160924_113510793identify allegiances, with surprising results!  Could it really be that Harry’s true house was Slytherin, Hermione’s was Ravenclaw and Ron’s was Hufflepuff?  So claims the Internet, and the notion incited much interesting discussion.

Among our members, Hufflepuff narrowly edged out Ravenclaw in number; Lacey was so Hufflepuff, in fact, she admitted to “breaking the test”.

We discussed our general disbelief in our newly discovered Patronuses (some of us may have taken to Pottermore more than once to be sure), briefly touched on The Cursed Child (no spoilers!) and waxed lazily on America’s Ilvermorny School.

img_20160924_104357131Allyson’s generously supplied, house colored shower gels were a celebration in suds, smelling of Gryffindor Pumpkin Spice, Ravenclaw Vanilla Chai, Slytherin Snake Bit and Hufflepuff Lemon.

Officer Sarah also brought broomstick pens and coloring pages, while Officer Valerie gifted house themed tassel clips and incredible dance moves.  Accio, Tom Petty discography! Hogwarts Spirit in full effect!

Brittany and Allyson even brought their own wands, including an impressive wooden img_20160924_102228565keepsake decked out in real pearls!  Spells were cast (for “mimOsas, not mimosAs”), French toast was conjured, fried potatoes were shared and new friends were made.  We may have even encouraged Jen to conquer the Rowling novels, provided she borrows a Time Turner.

As soon as Rebecca revealed her background in medieval studies, the idea of a feudal brunch was put forth for a possible upcoming meetup.  Noted in the brunch, it’s a good idea to “bring your mace” when that day comes.  ThinkGeek’s new retail store also opens in Greenwood this November and may be an easy spot to indulge our many loves, so please join our ranks and stay tuned for details!

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