GGB Baltimore Kawaii Brunch Recap!

GGB Baltimore Kawaii Brunch Recap!

We are back after a brief hiatus and some officer changes, we are ready to brunch and geek out together once again!  It was the first real fall day to hit us in Baltimore, that wasn’t rainy on top of it! Basically a perfect Sunday for a Brunch. We ladies met up at Banditos in Federal Hill, showing off our best Kawaii and Lolita gear. We had a mix celebration for brunch this month, not only were we dressed to impress in our kawaii gear, we also wanted to celebrate National Hispanic History Month, which was why we held our brunch at Banditos, a hispanic themed bar and restaurant.


When we arrived at the restaurant, we sat out our bags of swag for the ladies; bags of candy from our local H-Marts in Catonsville as well as some pocky and other goodies! The food was absolutely delicious and this officer was quite impressed with how the restaurant turned regular tortillas into delicious french toast.

20160925_110519We also couldn’t say no to bottomless sangria as well as pleasantly good spiked coffee. Great conversations were had while we ate before we ended brunch with a group photo-op and a bunch of us heading over to the Baltimore Book Festival to continue the morning.


It wasn’t an official outing for the Brunchettes, but since the Baltimore Book Festival was going on during the same day that we were meeting for brunch, we all went over to the Inner Harbor to see if we could find any diamonds in the rough, because really…who could turn down a whole festival dedicated to any and all books. While we were there, there were panels going on for authors, we listened in on a Sci-Fi/Fantasy writer panel while we were browsing at nearby booths. A few of us found some great, rare and extremely old books, including one from 1932 and 1877! Naturally we all found our way to the Geppi’s Entertainment Museum booth and got suckered into their sales, purchasing some dollar comics and greatly discounted figurines!

2016-10-04-21-03-11 20160925_130449

Overall an amazing day and we can’t wait to see our fellow on October 22, 2016 at the Golden West Cafe for our Anniversary/Halloween Spectacular Brunch!

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