GGB NOLA – Starring Role!

GGB NOLA – Starring Role!

Starring Role, featuring NOLA brunchettes!

This brunch took place at Arana Taqueria y Cantina on Magazine St. Brunchettes started to show up a bit early which is always good. Love the enthusiasm! And they were representing! Yoda, Hogwarts, star wars shirts and costumes oh my!!! Marilyn Monroe & Kara Danvers (Supergirl) cosplay you say???!!! Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw students, a Firefly character, a Targaryen, and one of the ninja turtles! There was even Clark Kent!

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Everyone sat down and quickly began getting acquainted as other members arrived. Our servers were magnificent. Grade A++!!! The manager Armand stopped by to greet us and let us know that he was there if there were any problems! There were brunch menus laid out on the tables for us to order from but we also had the option of ordering off of the main menu. They had bottomless mimosas, margaritas, and bloody mary’s as drink specials and of course we jumped on that.  But the best part about the décor was the giant spider above our table!!! Just amazing and nicely crafted! And, there just so happened to be a contest going on with in the restaurant that required taking a photo with the spider and tagging Arana Taqueria in it in order to win a $50 gift card! Needless to say we all entered!

Once everyone ordered we started our raffle. This month we had tons of awesome items! Three handmade hair bows made, two $10 gift cards for iTunes, three movies, and movie snacks. The swag bags were awesome with things like Batman shower hooks, stickers, and whistles in them. Another killer thing about today’s brunch is that everyone won a prize today!!! Our officer Kuniqua felt like Oprah! “You get a swag bag! And YOU win a raffle prize! You ALL win a raffle prize and swag bag!!!” *crowd goes wild* Once everyone got their prize we did a grand prize, which were the iTunes gift cards. Kali M. and Samantha J. won! A newbie and a vet!!!




The food and drinks were DA BOMB!!! The the food at Arana Taqueria y Cantina was TOP NOTCH!!! Flavorful and finger licking! We were very well taken care of by the servers and manager. On top of that, we were surprised with a treat from Armand. He gave us all fee shots!!! A TOAST TO GGB NOLA AND ARANA TAQUERIA Y CANTINA!!!

This was an amazing brunch full of amazing people and although we missed our other fellow brunchettes, who could not attend, we did our best to represent them to the best of our geeky abilities!!! EXCELSIOR!!!


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