Geek Girl Brunch Tyler – Studio Ghibli Edition

Geek Girl Brunch Tyler – Studio Ghibli Edition

Officer Crystal here, with the next installment of Geek Girl Brunch Tyler. First of all, I’m really excited to say that Tyler’s chapter has really picked up steam. Tyler’s second brunch, and we doubled in members! This month we decided to theme the bunch based on Studio Ghibli. I mean, who doesn’t love Kiki’s Delivery Service?


The Tyler Brunchettes headed over to Kanpai, a fun Japanese restaurant here in Tyler, which fit perfectly with our theme. I had never experienced a grill it yourself Yakiniku type meal before so I was really excited. For those of you who don’t know, Yakiniku is any thinly sliced or bite sized meat cooked on a grill in the center of your dining table. The brunchettes chose from steaks, seafood, sausage, and vegetables. The brunchetts loved it, in addition, it was a great talking point as we got to know each other.

Armed with our Cherry Blossom Martinis, and our delicious meals, we gushed over our favorite Studio Ghibli movies. Because there are so many great Ghibli movies, We couldn’t stop gushing. We concluded that the favorite was between Howl’s Moving Castle and Princess Mononoke, though I will always hold Nausicaa dear to my heart.


Most of all, I was excited about this months loot. The Studio Ghibli theme created a crafting monster! I gathered my amazing fellow officers and put them to work on my most favorite project. Dust sprites filled with Japanese sugar candy! They were beyond cute and a really fun project to do. In addition I also managed to make Kiki’s headbands and delicious Calcifer sugar cookies. And of course our theme charm for our bracelets was Totoro.



I also want to thank Officer Sarah for joining our group and jumping in head first as an officer for the Tyler Branch. A few days as officer and she was already at my house crafting up a storm, not to mention out on the street passing out business cards! Sarah really knows how to bring people out of their shell and even managed to get us all to take selfies in our Kiki’s Headbands! But alas, the brunch had to end. Luckily we had so much fun that a few of us gathered to watch Princess Mononoke! It was the perfect way to end such an amazing time!

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