GGB Savannah – Rep Your Fandom!

GGB Savannah – Rep Your Fandom!

Savannah celebrated the month of June with their 2nd official brunch meeting, “Rep Your Fandom!”

The wonderful Savannah Coffee Roasters!
The wonderful Savannah Coffee Roasters!

The event was held at Savannah Coffee Roasters, a place many of the attendees hadn’t visited before, but it ended up being perfect for our girls. When the brunch was originally scheduled with the location, the owners had said that the ‘party/event’ room that they had upstairs for larger groups had been reserved a year ahead of time, but when we arrived, it was vacant! So, we got to hold the meeting in their fantastic second story loft space.


The event space had a lounge, a private small kitchen and private bathrooms.Their extra long table also had the exact number of chairs for our brunchettes, so it meant-to-be!

GGB1The staff at Savannah Coffee Roasters was great at dealing with our large, boisterous group of gals as well. We were all enjoying ourselves so much, that multiple rounds of mimosas were ordered and the lead cashier set up a system to help us get our drinks – when the   mimosas were ready, he would bellow ‘MIMOSAS!!!!’ up to us, and we’d come waltzing down the stairs to get them.


The food was delicious too! The officer typing this happened to munch upon a bacon/scallion/bleu cheese scone and a chocolate dipped cannoli and they were                  MOUTH-WATERING good.


It took everyone a while to trickle in because of having to fight for parking (downtown Savannah during the summer gets MOBBED on the weekends!), but we were very excited to be welcoming two new girls into our midst! With the addition of the new ladies, we went around and re-introduced ourselves and each gave 3 of our favorite geek loves, with some interesting additions like, Australian Horse movies! The ladies did their part in showing their geek pride and repping their favorite fandoms in full-force. The majority of girls wore graphic tees, sporting things like Lord Of the Rings, Disney, Dr. Who, Bioshock, Portal 2 and there was even a St. Louis Cardinal’s shirt! One brunchette got super creative and wore a pin from Tales of the Abyss! While taking turns gushing about our geek loves, we all also discussed our up-coming Star Trek themed meeting, “Geek Long and Prosper,” which everyone is very excited about!


We ended the brunch by having everyone dig into their goodie bags: The goodie bags contained candies, themed tissue packets, Honey Sticks and Chapstick from The Savannah Bee Company, beaded necklaces, chocolates, and wine glass charms! Each girl also received individually wrapped Lisa Frank puzzles! For a final hurrah, we raffled off 3 Amazon gift cards. Everyone parted full of food, drink and lots of anticipation for the next meeting!


While everyone had a great time at this brunch, we’re even more excited for what’s to come! Geek Long and Prosper, gals!


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