GGB Fort Collins — Star Trek//Where No Brunch Has Gone Before

GGB Fort Collins — Star Trek//Where No Brunch Has Gone Before


“There’s coffee in that nebula…” – Captain Janeway

The Rainbow’s Patio

For our 4th Geek Girl Brunch, our officers chose Star Trek. A special theme for Officer Sarah, as we chose to have the brunch on her birthday!

Our adorable goodies!

We chose the Rainbow Cafe for our location and enjoyed the lovely summer day outside in their garden patio. We decorated each place setting with our usual goody bag – this time the goodies included a planet charm, a bag of chocolate covered espresso beans (in honor of Captain Janeway) and a packet of Earl Grey Tea (in honor of Captain Picard).

Nicole and her “Rey” name tag

After all of our ladies arrived, we had each lady take a name tag and write her name and her favorite Star Trek character. New member, Nicole, who is more of a Star Wars fan, wrote “Rey.” Another honorable mention was Alison’s favorite character, Lt Tom Paris, whom she claimed was her Star Trek boyfriend. We then did an ice breaker with the group where we introduced ourselves and discussed one nerdy thing that we collect. Following our icebreaker, we played a round of Star Trek Trivia, won by member Kristi. She took home a Deadpool art print! To Sarah’s chagrin, no member knew the answer to her favorite question: What is Seven of Nine’s full Borg designation? (Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix 01).

Many mimosas were had

Following our meal, we played a game of Star Trek bingo that included quotes from our favorite trek characters. Harmony won a cute Star Trek hair bow!
Finally we had our raffle prize, Star Trek on DVD, won by Erica! She was thrilled because it was the first time she won a prize after having attending every single one of our brunches. 🙂

Erica finally won!

Thank you to all our members for yet another successful brunch!

Live long and prosper!

One more adorable shot of the Rainbow


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