GGB Savannah Launch Meeting!

GGB Savannah Launch Meeting!

The very first meeting of Geek Girl Brunch Savannah was a smashing success!

The upstairs table at Foxy Loxy

With a table reserved at the locally famous and wonderfully quirky Foxy Loxy Cafe, Sam and Sarah hosted a casual meet and greet. The room we were in was perfect for the occasion! We had a turnout of nine ladies, which was much more than we were expecting for our first meeting! We began with introductions, and went over the Geek Girl Brunch mission statement and code of conduct. We wanted to emphasize that the Savannah Chapter will be a Safe Space. We even had another woman listening in nearby who expressed interest in joining us! She was kind enough to help take the photo of our entire gathering. 🙂



Given that Savannah has SCAD (the Savannah College of Art and Design), a good deal of the women who attended were into comics, several of them actively working in the comic industry. Even with the college being such a large part of the city, we were pleasantly surprised with the number of attendees who didn’t have an art focused background! Unfortunately, we had the brief oversight that in Savannah you aren’t allowed to imbibe before a specific time, so that is certainly something to remember for the next meeting!


We discussed plans for future meetings and despite having a very long list of possible themes for future meetings, our gals came up with several stellar ideas for future get – togethers. After our reserved time was up, several ladies bid us farewell. The rest of us reconvened to the courtyard to wait until mimosa serving time began. There were several intensely nerdy discussions, especially ones focused on our fantastic pets. With a proud and geeky start and a fantastic group of attendees, the gathering was a blast. All in all, the Savannah chapter promises to be fun, adventurous, and diverse. See you all next month!

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