GGB Montreal – Dragon Brunch

GGB Montreal – Dragon Brunch

With Game of Thrones well into its 6th season, Geek Girl Brunch Montreal decided that it was time to hold a dragon-themed brunch. We opted for the more generic dragon theme since Officer Sarah is a huge Dragon Age fun, but doesn’t watch Game of Thrones and we wanted the event to appeal to as many members as possible. Choosing a venue for this brunch was an absolute no-brainer, since Montreal is home to the fantastic medieval-themed restaurant L’auberge Du Dragon Rouge.

GGB Montreal - Dragon HeadTucked away in a residential house in the northern part the city, L’auberge du Dragon Rouge (which roughly translates to Inn of the Red Dragon) is best identified by the giant fiberglass gargoyle out front. The medieval theme continues inside with swords and shields and all sorts of weapons on the walls… as well as a mounted dragon head! Brunch was peppered with exclamations of “oh, look at that!” and “did you see this?” as we all took turns taking everything in. Even the servers were dressed in medieval garb.

GGB Montreal - Brunchette JessicaAs for the brunchettes, most of us opted to just wear what we liked, although Officer Sarah did represent her Alistair love with this darling t-shirt, and brunchette Jessica put together a fantastic last minute casual cosplay in honour of The Spider himself, Varys.

We did a short introduction/icebreaker where everyone shared their favourite dragon/dragon media, which was super fun and lead to a few of us explaining the incredible Canadian children’s book The Paper Bag Princess to the rest of the brunchettes. There were also votes for Harry Potter, Game of Thrones (obviously), Dragon Age (again, obviously) and even outliers like Pete’s Dragon and Dragon Heart.

GGB Montreal - Auberge Du Dragon Rouge BathroomSince Montreal is a fantastically foodie city, the food was delicious, especially for a themed restaurant. Most of us opted from one of their individual breakfast skillets, since none of us were brave enough (or hungry enough, for that matter) to try out the dragon egg option. We did, however, take turns squealing over the medieval torture device perched precariously over the toilet in the bathroom. Yikes!

GGB Montreal - Dragon Brunch Group ShotAll in all it was a fantastic brunch, full of good food, friends and fun!!

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