GGB LA – Game of Thrones Brunch

GGB LA – Game of Thrones Brunch

Game of Thrones returned for it’s sixth season on April 24th.  To celebrate, the ladies of Los Angeles joined together at Games and Thrones located in Burbank.  We thought it would be the perfect place to meet!  Games and Thrones has lunch items and brunch drinks.  They also have a variety of arcade games that guests can play.  The decor is Medieval themed with banners on the walls and dragons throughout.


This time we had mostly new brunchetts and it was great getting to know each other.  We discussed predictions for the new GOT season and some of our other fandoms.  We had a mixture of ladies who read the books and ladies who only watched the show.  We also got very excited because during our brunch, the new Doctor Who companion was announced!  Comic Con is coming up and we also discussed our plans for July.  Some ladies will be attending the con and others will just be hanging out in San Diego to enjoy all of the outside activities.


We also held a raffle for a Jaime Lannister Funko Pop!  He is a Hot Topic exclusive and he even has a little gold hand.  Everyone was really excited for the chance to win.  Congrats to our winner!  We hope to be able to have even more raffles in the future.


The location was great and there were games a plenty.  The brunchettes enjoyed lunch, mimosas and little bit of dress up.  Everyone deserves to feel like a princess / queen at least once.  They had a box of props for us to choose from and gorgeous regal chairs to pose in. It was so much fun!


Thank you to all the ladies who came to hang out with us.  We can not wait for next month and hope to see you all soon!

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