GGB Glasgow – Fictional Crushes Brunch

GGB Glasgow – Fictional Crushes Brunch

At the start of April, the Glasgow chapter had a Fictional Crushes brunch where we met up to discuss all of the characters from film, tv, books and games that get our pulses racing!

This month’s location was the fantastic Red Onion on West Campbell Street in Glasgow city centre – they have some really tasty choices and a great vegan menu. Definitely worth checking out if you haven’t been already.



Despite a lengthy chat about the slightly unappetising topic of breast milk jewellery (yes, that’s a real thing), everyone really enjoyed their food and eventually we got on to a very in depth discussion of all our crushes. They ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous and most of them can be found on our Pinterest board here. Some of us prefer rogues such as Han Solo or Mal Reynolds, some of us prefer someone a bit more refined, and some of us have a thing for aliens and other non-humans! Some of the crushes were universally appreciated, some earned a few funny looks from other brunchettes!


After that we discussed some ideas for future events. Brunch options are definitely more numerous in Edinburgh than in Glasgow, so our next meet up will be in the Capital. It’ll be in June and we’ll be discussing our favourite animations. As always, invites will go out by email to registered brunchettes and full details can also be found on our private Facebook page. Thinking ahead, we’d love to arrange meet ups around Glasgow Comic Con in July and the the Edinburgh Festival in August. And keep an eye out for details of Geek Girl Karaoke – coming soon!

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