GGB Cleveland – Game of Thrones Brunch

GGB Cleveland – Game of Thrones Brunch

Eighteen of our Cleveland area brunchettes gathered in April for our Game of Thrones themed brunch. We sang a song of not fire and ice, but hot dogs and tater tots at Happy Dog at Euclid Tavern. Our brunch location is a favorite amongst Clevelanders, and is geeky friendly with their eclectic artwork, game room filled with pinball machines, and TVs set to the SyFy channel. Each girl ordered at least one customizable hot dog with unlimited toppings. The myriad of toppings included classics like sauerkraut and cheese to nontraditional ingredients like Spaghetti-Os and Froot Loops. Brunchettes shared tater tots and french fries, and they really enjoyed sampling the numerous sauces that Happy Dog has to offer.


While we stuffed ourselves with food and drink, we introduced ourselves and discussed our favorite Game of Thrones characters. Daenerys and Tyrion were common favorites, but there was much love for strong female characters like Arrya and Brienne. We also discussed our predictions for who would die in the next season. Everyone agreed that Cersei should die, but she probably would survive since she is a very scrappy character. Theon Greyjoy was unanimously voted as the person most likely to die in this upcoming season.

Instead of raffling our swag at this brunch, we decided to award swag to winners of our trivia games. There were three games – Brunchette Clare won a t-shirt for knowing how every Game of Thrones character died, Alana won a Daenerys action figure for knowing every house motto, and Sarah won a Funkopop set for recognizing the most house sigils. The trivia was tough, but all of our brunchettes were definitely up for the challenge.

After the games, we enjoyed sigil cupcakes and admired the various Game of Thrones apparel brunchettes were wearing. We also commented on what was playing on Happy Dog’s TVs, which was a Batman movie marathon. This sparked a discussion about the latest Batman vs. Superman movie, and while reactions were mixed, everyone agreed that the new Wonder Woman was really good! We also talked about what everyone was reading, since some brunchettes traded books. A few of the brunchettes shared their plans for Colossalcon – many plan to cosplay as their favorite anime characters. The girls agreed that an anime brunch should definitely happen in the near future. Speaking of which – we are really looking forward to our next brunch! It will be Star Wars themed and at Lucky’s Cafe. If you would like to join us for a future brunch, check out our chapter page and join us!



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