GGB Sacramento and Fictional Fandom Crushes

GGB Sacramento and Fictional Fandom Crushes

In February, the Sacramento Chapter decided to hold a post-Valentine’s Day brunch giving brunchettes an opportunity to receive a special Valentine from their fictional fandom crush. In RSVPing to brunch, attendees were asked to provide who the name of their fandom crush. Answers varied from Rhett Butler to Lucifer Moringstar to Malcolm Reynolds and more.  The Sacramento Officers (and one of our regular brunchettes) got together and crafted Valentines specific to each ladies crush.

We met for brunch at Danielle’s Creperie in the Arden-Arcade area because crepes and Valentine’s just seem to go together.  The staff at Danielle’s Creperie were exceptionally kind and helpful having our table ready to go when we arrived and splitting the check per brunchette.  And the food was amazing! From the variety of crepes to the omelets, waffles, and pancakes, every brunchette went home happy and very full.

The Valentines were a big hit with each brunchette sharing why they chose their crush and sharing the amusing (and sometimes inappropriate) quotes included in their cards.  After conversation about the cards ran its course, topics ranged from Batman v Superman, Firefly, and then geeky fitness pursuits like Hogwarts Running Club and more.  The geeky fitness pursuits sparked a whole new plan for meet-ups this summer. Can we say kickball with geeky teams (Marvel vs. DC)?

All in all, it was another lovely gathering of like-minded women enjoying a lot of geeky conversation and looking forward to additional events!

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