GGB Fort Wayne’s Informal Meet-Up

GGB Fort Wayne’s Informal Meet-Up

Eh, we’re a little behind in getting things started, but better late than never, right?! Back in February, the budding Fort Wayne chapter of Geek Girl Brunch decided to host an informal “getting to know you” meet-up. This was mostly for our three officers to get a chance to meet in ‘real life’ but at the last minute we decided to open it up to the Brunchettes as well.

As of that date (2/14/16) we had approximately 8 registered members for the Fort Wayne chapter – and let me be honest with you – that was more than I ever expected when I decided to start this little group in my town! I am beyond thrilled with the comments we’ve heard from the geeky ladies who are learning about us, and I’m so excited to see how this group grows!

Sorry…back on track…we decided to meet up on February 14th and celebrate our fandom crushes or overall geeky loves. We met at a great little café called Firefly Coffee House (…yeah, I may have selected that location for a reason!) and they were kind enough to reserve their sofas for our group! (Seriously, they have a whole section of over-sized squishy sofas! It was very difficult to leave them…)

Being that it was a small group, we didn’t prepare anything elaborate – we kept it simple with some coloring pages of various geeky characters. After we settled in with our hot beverages of choice and a muffin or scone (or two…or three…) we just chatted a bit about our fandoms, what we do outside of geeking out, and most importantly why we sought out the Geek Girl Brunch!

I’m very excited to see how our chapter develops and I can’t wait to get more involved with our geeky community! We are currently working to plan our inaugural brunch, which we hope will be a smashing success!

Until next time… stay geeky, my friends!

<3 Kim

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