GGB San Antonio’s February Villaintines Brunch!

GGB San Antonio’s February Villaintines Brunch!


The occasion of The Great Holy Day of February 14 saw the San Antonio Geek Girl Brunch chapter joining together in a covert cohort to celebration of all things dark, stark, spooky, creepy, bleedy, jealous, angry, evil and perfect. In all of the best ways one could when celebrating that yearly tradition of “Villain”-tines Day.

(What’s that you say? It’s something else? But why would it be?
Who wants to celebrates hearts when you could tear them out with hunters knives to put them in pine boxes, or collect flowers when you could be making poisons from them, or love when you could be casting spells to take away all of their happiness? What would be the point?)





Villaintines Day Brunch was celebrated at Ajuua, Mexican Bar & Grill, as was showcased last month, once more, when they came to the rescue of a reservation elsewhere that fell through, and it turned out positively sinful and just right for all our devious designs to be fulfilled.

The grab bags for Villaintines were sparse in the bags and packed a wallop like a wall of flames on the outside. Within the waiting bags, besides the coloring sheets, were Hamilton smiles, gorgeous arted-up Villain-tines (from Disney Villians), Anime & Animation Villain’s Images, and “apple tartlets” (from our own Snow White!).12718179_587371431410483_8641312195541141742_n



12743695_587371101410516_3821617775566937771_nOutside of this we were to receive at this brunch the biggest grab bag surprise and bar raising to the grab bag donations never expected (ever, not even like just not now or not yet)! Two of our lovely ladies, Phoenix and Maggie, hand-painted over 50+ individual mugs with individual Villain themes. (Pictures available one-by-one over in the gallery.)


Ending group shot, with everyone holding their mugs, and even more of them displayed on the table in front of us, because they were sssoooo beautiful.
And an Evil Hamilton grin to send you all on your way. Nothing to see here. Just a bunch of innocent “valen-tines” day lovers here. Not doing anything at all. Definitely not plotting your demise and counting down the days with relish.

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