GGB Kaiserslautern Ships Their Favorite Fandoms!

GGB Kaiserslautern Ships Their Favorite Fandoms!

The Kaiserslautern Chapter has plenty of fandoms they love, but for our February brunch we encouraged our ladies to try and pick the one that truly holds their hearts!

This brunch was an unoffical soft re-start for our chapter after a long holiday break, the start of moving season for the local military community, and a changing of officers within the chapter. Needless to say we were all very excited to kick off the 2016 brunch schedule with some delicious foods and great company!


Our Brunch location is a local cafe, Sanders in Landsthul; known for serving up traditional

European breakfasts and American favorites, our brunch spot has something for everyone. After a round of introductions, a few words about our chapter and the year ahead from our officers, our brunchettes dug into their Valentines goody bags and placed our drink orders.

Our first round of mimosas were on one of our chapter officers, Megan. Literally!! And while a champagne and OJ shower was not in the official brunch plans, it sure did make for an exciting moment and lots of laughs! image2

Once a second round of mimosas was delivered, orders were placed and the conversations flowed. Our ladies ate while discussing everything from “Who’s your favorite Doctor” to “comics I’m currently reading”, “I ship ___ & ____”, and everything in-between. We found out pretty quickly that each of our brunchettes have a lot of love for their chosen fandoms and even more so for their very own Fandom Crushes.

Popular Ships we heard thrown out were; Doctor and Rose, Princess Bubblegum and Marceline, Harry Potter and Hermione, and Korra and Asami!







All in all we had a wonderful time seeing some returning brunchettes and meeting our new members, catching each other up since our last event and discussing our plans for making this a stand out year for the Ktown chapter.

If you find yourself ever in Germany, come join in the fun! Our next brunch is going to be a Super time at K-con!

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