GGB Houston – Get Your Game On! Brunch

GGB Houston – Get Your Game On! Brunch

For the month of February, GGB Houston trekked all the way to the northwest suburb of The Woodlands for brunch and retro arcade gaming. The original plan had been to eat at a Houston breakfast chain staple, 59 Diner, before gaming, but at the beginning of the week realized the location had mysteriously closed! (Since the event, those reasons were less mysterious…)

Thankfully, Crisp came to our rescue, reserving the private room for us and being very gracious hosts to our party. With the sudden venue change for brunch, we were delighted to find that many of the Brunchettes in attendance were first-timers, and many weren’t even from The Woodlands area, yet still made the drive out!

The next stop in our brunch was the main event – a trip to the nearby Game Preserve, which opened at 1pm for an afternoon of arcade awesomeness. Brunch ended just early enough that The Game Preserve wasn’t open yet, but the Brunchettes weren’t phased, heading to the Asian market next door for snacks. Once inside, the lure of classic gaming couldn’t be overcome, leading to several Brunchettes playing Gauntlet for what seemed like an eternity…

Until next time!

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