GGB South Florida: Pride, Prejudice & Zombies Screening

GGB South Florida: Pride, Prejudice & Zombies Screening


The South Florida chapter of Geek Girl Brunch got such an incredible opportunity to catch a screening mid-week of Pride, Prejudice and Zombies weeks before it premiered. As if that wasn’t amazing enough, some members of the star-studded cast swung by to introduce the film and give our girls a quick Q&A (moderated by one of our chapter officers, Aurora)! I absolutely loved how the cast paid tribute to Miami with their fashion choices for the night. Lily was in a gorgeous floral maxi dress, Douglas was sporting a festive tropical shirt and Matt looked straight out of Miami Vice. You could tell the tight bond that the cast formed while working together (aside from Lily and Matt being a couple) – they were teasing each other and constantly giving lots of hugs, winks and nuzzles.


Matt Smith, Lily James and Douglas Booth were absolutely adorable and so sweet to give their time to us. Some lucky girls got a chance to have a brief meet and greet before the film, and after their Q&A they posed for quick selfies, gave us plenty of hugs and signed autographs. Some of them even appeared on brunchette’s snapchats! From now on, we will proudly state that we hosted the 11th Doctor at one of our events! 😉

Although I’ve never read the book, I found the film to be great. It was hilarious, witty and had plenty of female empowerment! I mean, who doesn’t love chicks in period dresses slaying zombies? I am not complaining! If you find the time, definitely check out Pride, Prejudice and Zombies – it’s a fun romp! And if you are interested in reading it first, this month’s Espionage Cosmetic’s BoomBox has the novel included!

Special thanks to Allied Integrated Marketing, who gave us this amazing opportunity!
Until the next adventure, brunchettes!

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