GGB NYC: May the Brunch Be in Your Favor

GGB NYC: May the Brunch Be in Your Favor

Mockingjay supporters swooped down on The District for November’s Hunger Games brunch. Melark Bakery provided some baked goods to tide over brunchettes while they checked out gifts delivered to them from various Districts.We even took a page from the Capital’s recipe book for the hottest cocktails in Panem, The White Rose and The Mockingjay.

Brave brunchettes also volunteered this month to build a better NYC by cleaning up Central Park and providing race support for the Best Buddies 5K. We recognize and are grateful to these Tributes for their contribution.


And after a successfully raiding President Snow’s private vault, we were able to find enough previously outlawed Mockingjay items for a raffle and swag for everyone. May the brunch be ever in your favor

#GGBMockingjay brunch was awesome — real or not real? So real!

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