GGB Nottingham “Women in Comics” Brunch

GGB Nottingham “Women in Comics” Brunch

Nottingham had a fairly small and low key gathering for our Women in Comics Brunch, but we had a great time, as usual. We headed to the same place as our last Brunch, the Jam Cafe, because they are always happy to see us and don’t mind us lingering over our delicious food when we get chatting.

DSC_0142 (800x450)

One of our Brunchettes, Sally, is a full-time comic illustrator and creator and she had a lot of interesting stories about how she started out and what she is up to this year. Another Brunchette, Robin, is a freelance storyboard artist and she gave us an insight into the freelance world (clue: it’s hard work!).

We also spoke about Feminism in comics, about how Female characters are portrayed in the TV versions of comics, sexism in the comic world, awards ceremonies, and about our favourite female led shows at the moment (Jessica Jones a current favourite of many of us).

Sally brought along some comics that we could pick from and take home, including Spider-Woman & Squirrel Girl.

We had a great time, a fun chat & made some plans for future Brunches.

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