5 Reasons you should see ‘Pride and Prejudice and Zombies’ on the 5th!

5 Reasons you should see ‘Pride and Prejudice and Zombies’ on the 5th!

It began with the black plague…

Wait… No, sorry. It began with a movie screening. Black plague… Movie screening, honest mistake right? This past December we had the honor here at GGB Orlando to check out an advanced screening of the film, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, before its release on Feb 5th and I’m here to tell you, it did not disappoint!

I’m going to share with you my top five reasons you should see #PPZ this month:

1. It’s balanced

Does your darling like romance movies, and you’re more of an action horror girl? With this movie you don’t have to choose! Action, romance, and oh so many zombies. Both you and your hunny will be happy with this flick and it would be a fantastic date movie for Valentine’s Day.

2. Just the right amount of cheese

In anticipation of the film, you might worry that the zombie scenes will come across as too campy or distract from the plot. But this isn’t just Pride & Prejudge with a few zombie scenes slapped willy nilly here and there. The story as a whole lends itself surprisingly well to an outbreak of the undead. So much so that you don’t even have to be a fan of the original to enjoy it.

And you can’t help but love the Bennet Sisters sitting around polishing their weapons. Who has time for needlepoint during the apocalypse?

3. Matt Smith

One observation I heard from a few of our Brunchettes was to any Whovians watching the film, it did seem like a strong possibility that the 11th Doctor had traveled to a zombie infested Edwardian London to play the part of Mr. Collins. I think there was a small part of us just waiting (and hoping) for the movie to cut to a scene of Mr. Collins running away from a heard of zombies to the safety of his TARDIS.

Preferably wearing a fez.

We’re onto you Mr. Collins #secrettimelord

Timelord or not, Matt Smith is in my list of favorites for Mr. Collins. His portrayal added in a burst of silliness and comic relief to the film, and had the entire audience laughing out loud.

4. The Costumes!

As fan of pretty dresses, bonnets, and bustles. I could watch this movie again and again just for the clothes. The way they moved so gracefully during that perfectly cheesy slow-mo fight scene? Wonderful! Cosplayers be warned. You will want to go to your nearest Jo-Ann Fabrics‎ and buy a lot of luxurious, upholstery looking fabric.

5. Elizabeth Bennet is a BAMF!

There. I said it. We were all thinking it. And now its been typed out loud on the internet. She was a good sister, fantastic fighter, and stubborn. I think we can agree, she’s a babe we would love to brunch with.

Don’t believe me? Ask the dishes…er- Brunchettes… Here are some of their thoughts on the movie:


“It was so much fun! A great balance between Victorian England and zombie horror. The actresses and actors were amazing. I can’t wait to see it again!” – Courtney

“I dragged my husband to this movie with me. By the time it was over, he wanted to see it again and cosplay as Darcy in the future (god help us all, his brother-in-law gave him a katana). The film itself was really fun with a great balance of wit and brains, only some of them pig’s. The cast puts in fabulous performances adding heart to the mix and giving the film’s more thrilling moments that much more impact.” – Jessica

“It had heart! And brains! Perfect mix of horror and romance.” – Rachel

“I loved the portrayal of Mr. Collins! Very funny and the zombie parts were super gory, and suspenseful” – Irene

All and all, I think it’s safe to say, we loved this film. I’m personally looking forward to its release on February 5th so I can see it again! A huge thank you to Cristina from Sony Screen Gems for the tickets. We had such a wonderful time! And we were so grateful that we could experience the film before its release.

Recommended for laughs, thrills, and the perfect amount of romance <3 Click here to find a theater that’s playing Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and near you!

Want more of Geek Girl Brunch Orlando? Our next brunch may not have the glamour and ghouls of PPZ, but it will have a whole lot of girl power with a “Galentines” celebration on Feb 28th. Sign up for info on future brunches, updates, and chances to attend more movie screenings like this one.

Hope to see you soon!

Paige Officer from Geek Girl Brunch Orlando 

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