GGB Boston – Star Wars Holiday Potluck

GGB Boston – Star Wars Holiday Potluck

With the holidays in full swing, gifts to purchase, and with a party on every weekend, Geek Girl Brunch Boston decided to add to the merriment and have a holiday potluck event to celebrate! Since we were in the celebrating mood and given the November/December time frame, what better theme to have than Star Wars!

Officer Blair opened her home to a small group of girls who all pitched in and brought a homemade dish to share! She even decorated her apartment with amazing hand crafted Star Wars snowflakes and character cups. Many girls came to the event dressed in their favorite Star Wars fashions including sweaters and dresses. Those who didn’t dress up still had a chance to partake in the fun and try on different masks from The Force Awakens.

After filling plates with homemade Tatooine Turkey, vegan stuffed zucchini, potato casserole, Sarlacc Pit Dip, Sriracha deviled eggs, Naboo Noodle Kugel, and so much more, we settled down around the TV and watched the movie that started it all! Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope! There was much discussion throughout the film about who shot first, clumsy stormtroopers and funny parody videos. After we enjoyed decorating Star Wars cookies and Death “By Chocolate” Star Cupcakes and other goodies!

It was a great night and thank you to all of the girls who participated to make the event a ton of fun!

This holiday season we are also doing something a little different, we are so excited about the geek girl community that we have met in these past few months, so we wanted to spread some of that excitement and reach out to the communities around us!

For the months of November and December, we are holding a community service drive of sorts. To be entered to win a Star Wars gift package, A Geek Girl Brunch Boston member simply needs to take a picture of themselves helping out in their community!

Some examples are:

-Making a food donation to a local food bank,
-Helping prepare or serve meals with an organization like Rosie’s Place,
-Cleaning out their closet and donating their old clothes to a charity,
-Spending time at a local nursing home,
-Volunteering at an after school program like Science Club for Girls, etc.

Pictures will be shared with @GGB_Boston and will use the hashtag #GGBBosGivesBack! We will be drawing the winner in January!


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