GGB Pittsburgh Literary Love Brunch

GGB Pittsburgh Literary Love Brunch

The Pittsburgh Chapter enjoyed our second brunch this November at The Library, a fun bar down on the Southside. As I’m sure you can glean, The Library is a literary themed bar–the best place for a group of book-loving ladies to get together for dinner! Who could say no to food and drinks named after classics?

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We had some returning Brunchettes and some new faces! The Brunchettes had a blast talking about their favorite books, libraries, and other geeky loves. The big event of the night was a book exchange: Brunchettes brought a copy of their favorite book, filled out an info slip about it, and added it to the pile. After an acceptable amount of food and drink was consumed, the Brunchettes got to pick a new book from the pile to go home with them. We had everything from comics to romance novels, and everyone was excited to see what the other ladies brought to share.

Officers prepared a lot of hand-made goodies for this brunch/dinner, including hollowed out books, packets of “book worms,” and book-chomping monster bookmarks. We also were lucky enough to have local crafter Papyrusaurus Craft provide absolutely stunning literary themed prints. We seriously can’t get over how beautiful they are! Get at this girl for holiday¬†gifts, for real.


After our dinner, a few Brunchettes stayed on for another drink and a rousing game (read: slow moving and clumsy…we’re no experts) of pool. I think it’s safe to say we had an incredible night with our fellow geeky ladies. Thank you to The Library for the wonderful¬†service and wait staff. Thank you to Papyrusaurus for the beautiful prints. And as always, thank you to the Burgh for being such a lover of geeky gals!

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