Geek Girl Brunch Baltimore Launch Event, “Wear Your Fandom”

Geek Girl Brunch Baltimore Launch Event, “Wear Your Fandom”

GGBB_group1Bright and early on one of the first chilly autumn days in Baltimore, twelve brave brunchettes set out on a quest – not an ordinary quest – but one to beat the traffic resulting from our launch date coinciding with major urban road closures for a marathon. We fear we lost some potential attendees due to the maze run, but we still had a great turnout and a fantastic time getting to know one another.

The officers gathered early to set the tables with our goodie bags and some fun conversation starter cards and played “Spot Our Geek Girls” from the window of the Golden West Cafe. Drinks and food were ordered and a din of conversation and laughs enveloped the group. “We did it!”, whispered the four GGBB officers to each other with huge grins.



ggb_atomicbooksThe food arrived – waffles, tacos, biscuits, hash browns, pancakes, and more. After stuffing ourselves, we walked over to the always amazing Atomic Books to continue our conversation over favorite comics and graphic novels. We even met and gave out cards to some other shoppers and invited them to future brunches.

We’d like to thank Geppi’s Entertainment Museum for donating the blind bags for our swag bag and comic book artist/writer Karl Slominski for the awesome buttons! We appreciate your donations!


Now on to finish planning our next slate of brunches.
~ GGBB Officers: Stacy, Barb, Deirdre, and Kat


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