Happy 1st Birthday To Us!

Happy 1st Birthday To Us!

Today, Geek Girl Brunch is officially 1 year old!

Rachel, Jamila and Yissel founded Geek Girl Brunch in NYC on May 4th, 2014 and just one year later we have chapters all over the world! GGB isn’t just about mimosas, french toast and talking about fandom news; it’s about networking, creating friendships and providing an environment where identifying women can be themselves in all of their geeky and nerdy glory.

Geek Girl Brunch has almost 1,000 members, over 130 officers and 57 chapters in 8 countries!

Although we are often in disbelief of our growth, it really shouldn’t come as a surprise. Geek Girl Brunch is a safe space that geek girls so desperately need. It’s what can happen when you’re not in constant fear of sexism, racism, transphobia and homophobia. We hope that the positivity in GGB spreads across all of the communities in geek culture and society. Until then, we’re happy our brunchettes know they will always have brunch.

Special shout-out to Kristy of Red Headed Ink who created our birthday banner. Check out her amazing Etsy shop

Geek Girl Brunch is nothing without the help and support of our amazing brunchettes, officers, sponsors and allies. You have our undying gratitude. We can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for us!

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