GGB DC’s Marvel May

GGB DC’s Marvel May

IMG_2382Brunchettes, Assemble!

It was once again time for us to decide on a theme for brunch! What should we do? There are still so many geeky topics for us to cover, how can we pick just one?! Well unless you haven’t been on the internet lately, avoiding comic shops, not speaking to family or friends, you probably had an idea of what we would be doing. That’s right! May seemed to be Marvel themed for a good portion of the chapters considering Age of Ultron came out earlier in the month, and GGBDC thought it was perfect for us as well!


Matchbox, Chinatown

IMG_6033 (2)

Once again, we descended upon Chinatown in DC for brunch. Matchbox is a lovely place with high ceilings, excellent natural light, and a modern feel though out the entire building. The staff was more than friendly, understanding and accommodating; they truly seemed to enjoy having us there.

The food was also a high selling point for us. The menu offered a wide verity of offerings and prices to fit any brunchettes needs. Are you into seafood for breakfast? Matchbox has a decadent crabcake benedict, complete with chipotle hollandaise sauce. Feeling sweet? Some favorites included the cast iron baked cinnamon rolls (which we promptly devoured as a team), huge slices banana bread French toast, and even a fresh fruit waffle was offered up. They even served up breakfast pizza, if you’re into that sort of thing… AND WHO ISN’T?!


Now food is only half of brunch and we know the other equally important part is the drinks. Matchbox once again did not disappoint when it came to their beautifully crafted beverages. A table favorite was the Chinatown, which featured sweet fruit notes and even had a lemon peel in the champagne class. Absolutely beautiful!

Tiles of Great and Glorious Purpose

IMG_6036 (2)IMG_2391Our swag this time around was crafted by our lovely social liaison and officer, Ashlee! Ashlee worked hard on creating individual tiles representing different characters from the Marvel universe. Each tile was hand painted and created with love by Ashlee for our brunchettes and it showed with all the little details that she was able to put in them! In addition, our birthday brunchette was gifted some additional Marvel swag consisting of a poster, magnet, and a shirt!

You didn’t see that coming?

The fashion at this brunch was astounding to say the least! Cap seemed to be a popular fashion choice this time around, with his shield appearing on everything from necklaces to tank tops. Some brunchettes had beautiful bows, head bands, and some even MADE parts of their outfits! It was really inspiring to see how much time everyone put into their head to toe style.

All set up, boss.

All in all, we couldn’t have asked for a better brunch. Food and drinks were amazing, conversations were ranging from the theme all the way to Sherlock Holmes, the weather even played nice for us and allowed us to have a rain free afternoon. As always, we would like to thank Matchbox for having us and to our lovely brunchettes for joining us. And until next time watch that language, for Cap’s sake.


Our next brunch is scheduled for June 6 with a full day of Japanese street fashion fun! Check out Facebook page for all the deets! If you’re reading this and not yet a member of Geek Girl Brunch, DC … what are you waiting for?! We’d love to brunch with you <3

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