Our first expansion chapter is here!

Our first expansion chapter is here!

GGB DC logoThis weekend marks the launch of GeekGirlBrunch’s first expansion chapter! The honor goes to our Washington, DC Chapter! The first GGB DC brunch theme is Candyland and the adorable, sweet toothed DC Officers have blown us away with their enthusiasm! They’ve picked a theme that’s kawaii, retro, and whimsical!

We here at GGB HQ just want to congratulate the DC Chapter on their first brunch! Here’s to many more!

Show them some love on twitter @GGB_DC, check out their Chapter Page or read below to get to know the new officers!

Please welcome the DC Chapter Officers:

Ashlee, Imani, Sam, Tia, and Tsundere.


These officers are bloggers, entrepreneurs, artists, cosplayers, fashion mavens, bakers and musicians that are excited to help foster IRL friendships and collaborations! United by an array of geeky interests that include stand out topics like Doctor Who, Pokemon, Japanese art, Orchestral music, manga and comics, Lolita fashion, and Harry Potter we’re very excited to see these officers and their chapter do some great things this year!

We’re also excited to get to know Washington, DC for what it has to offer it’s geekier populace! With a famously efficient public transportation system and a central location we think the ladies of DC Brunch will never be in want of ideas and locations for brunch! GGB HQ is hoping to get ideas for lots of good brunch spots to check out the next time we take the train to DC! Fittingly, these officers and their brunchettes are keen to explore the huge array of food, cultural events, and interests that are found in one of the greatest cities in the world! Welcome, ladies!

Happy Brunching!


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