Marvel Brunch

Marvel Brunch


S.H.I.E.L.D. called and we assembled… for brunch! Each brunch gets bigger and better. This month we had 29 brunchettes attend! Finding a brunch place that can fit 29 geek girls wasn’t the easiest, but Southern Hospitality in Hell’s Kitchen accepted the challenge. We have to thank Doris from Southern Hospitality for helping us orchestrate such an amazing event (and never once complaining about all of our emails).

Superhero Style

You would have thought it was the Fourth of July with all of the red, white and blue seen at brunch! Whether it was the dozen Captain Americas that showed up or Elektra, or a Spider- Man inspired ensemble featuring lace in lieu of webbing, the color scheme screamed Marvel. Brunch style included glowing tesseracts, Thor aprons, Elektra cosplay, X-men shirts, Caps shield, Storm tattoos and so much more. Brunchettes immediately started wearing our Marvel swag accessories, too! We had enough superheroes at brunch to save several alternate universes from destruction.

Marvel Brunch Swag

Our brunch would not have been the same if it weren’t for our MARVELous Etsy sponsors theVulcanForgeShop, Bows No Arrows, le8bit, Buckets of Buttons, Luck Be A Lady Cosmetics, Tara’s Attire, 8bithero, Rio’s Bows and Dapper Raptor Studios. Check out a full rundown of their awesome swag and shops.

We have to give a big shout-out to Lacey and Fallon! Lacey who works for New York Comic Con and Fallon who works for ReedPop donated 30 Spider-Man prints for our guest and gave away 2 Thursday passes for New York Comic Con and New York Super Week! Congrats again to Felicia!

Brunch at Southern Hospitality

We had a delicious Family Style brunch at Southern Hospitality which included Vanilla Bourbon French Toast, Cheddar Scramble and Mac & Cheese. 

The French Toast was a delightful surprise. We expected thick slices of bread, and instead were served what looked more like bakers muffins, or servings of bread pudding with berries in the mix, and a dusting of powdered sugar. In fact, some of us didn’t even bother with syrup. You didn’t need it!  A great way to reboot an old classic. This is the Marvel NOW! of French Toast.

Eggs are my favorite food (this is Yissel talking) and I don’t mess around with them. I sent a frittata back at one place when it tasted like rubber. I have a low tolerance for subpar food. These scrambled eggs were light, fluffy, yellow perfection.  Now I’ll be honest, when we voted on which sides to pick for brunch, I’d had my heart set on grits. Well the mac & cheese won out, but I couldn’t be disappointed for very long because I tried it. And oh my Odin it was seasoned! I’ve sampled many a dry, bland mac in my time, so I was more than relieved. I could’ve kept eating this.

Now, I’d be hard pressed to describe brunch without mentioning BISCUITS. (Wow, we ate all the carbs) I love biscuits. Especially hot, fresh out of the oven. And these buttermilk beauties were served with honey butter. Bless.

And what’s brunch without booze? Drinks make brunch a party, and what a party we had! Our glasses were truly bottomless thanks to our servers! Now they were superheroes. Our Male server, Brackett even looked the part. Also, HIS NAME WAS BRACKETT. Someone write that comic.

Marvel’s The Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. at Discovery Times Square

After brunch half of us headed over the Marvel’s The Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. (Scientific Training and Tactical Intelligence Operative Network) at Discovery Times Square. The interactive exhibit was held at Discovery Times Square and is in association with NASA (so cool!). We were all made new S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and the exhibit featured costumes, props, history and hands-on science stations.


We had such a blast at our Marvel Brunch. Hell, even Marvel wanted in on the action! The next time your world needs saving, you know who to call, and now they do too. And that includes co-founder Rachel who was absent as she was engaged in an epic battle with worbla, spray paint and laser cutters in preparation for kicking ass and taking names at Dragon Con. We toasted to her (a tradition as there’s always something or someone to celebrate) and she has since returned safely home, a dcon champion.

We’ll brunch hard, we’ll play hard, we’ll rescue you from evildoers or, you know, an otherwise boring Saturday/Sunday. And hey, we’ll even have time for shawarma after.

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