We Are All Magical Girls

We Are All Magical Girls

It’s Magical Girl Month on Geek Girl Brunch in honor of Sailor Moon Crystal! We reached out to our blog friends to find out what the Magical Girls and the Mahou Shoujo genre means to them.   

What do Magical Girls mean to you? Share your story with us in the comments section! 

By Asiey Barbie

Jamila, Geek Girl Brunch Co-Founder

Magical Girls taught me that women can be multi-dimensional. We don’t have to stick to one personality type forced on us by society. We can be leaders, fighters and so much more. Most importantly, magical girls taught me to be comfortable with being myself. 

By Hellcorpceo

Rachel, Geek Girl Brunch Co-Founder

As a clumsy, graceless, eater with a tendency to be scatter brained the Magical Girl genre has always appealed to me. The transformation from walking disaster to perfect, kick-ass hero is exactly how I think about my personal motivation! When I was young it never occurred to me that you could be “girly” and a hero at the same time. The Magical Girl genre was revolutionary for me! Magical Girls support their friends and value individuality. They accept their strengths and weaknesses. They kick ass and they wear a bow while doing it!

By Hello Morphine

Yissel, Geek Girl Brunch Co-Founder

To me, being a magical girl means being reminded–no matter what anyone else thinks or says– that you are special and you do have a purpose. Even if you’ve always doubted yourself and believed the negative things you were told, like I did, Magical Girls reminded me that I was destined for something greater. (And much like Cardcaptor Sakura: to achieve the impossible in fabulous outfits.)


By Crimson Pumpkin

Cassandra from When Geeks Wed

The magical girl genre was essentially my gateway drug into anime, specifically Sailor Moon. Introducing my twelve year old self to the world of anime and girls that, putting the fact that they had magical powers aside for a moment, were relatable. Not only for the fact that they actually looked like girls my age, and not popping out of their latex suits, they were portrayed doing the same things I was doing as a young girl, minus the whole fighting evil by moonlight part (curfew and all), like going to school or meeting up with friends at the mall. 


By PixelsCrap

Jamie from Black Girl Nerds

A Magical Girl is a girl who follows her own destiny and chases her dreams.  She is someone who is comfortable in her own skin and does not conform to the status quo nor does she look for cues from others on how to fit in the world she lives in.  She is a girl of her own making and is unapologetic and proud of who she is. 


By Drawing Llamas
By Drawing Llamas

Cree from We Ate. We Loved. We Traveled.

“Agent of Love and Courage, the pretty sailor suited soldier Sailor Jupiter! In the name of Jupiter, I will punish you!” – Sailor Jupiter/Makoto Kino

What does Magical Girls mean to me? To me, it’s all about Makoto Kino, it’s always been from the start. I remember coming home from school and discovering a new show called Sailor Moon and I was hooked. As the time went on, I fell in love with the characters and their personalities but one stood out…one spoke to me, and that was Makoto. The way she was a tomboy with a soft side for feminine things, really hit home for me. I was never fully comfortable with myself until I saw her character, it made me feel like it was okay to like boyish things and enjoy feminine things as well. I could be tough and soft all rolled into one and that was okay. Sailor Jupiter inspired me as a child. I learned to be true to myself, but also loyal to my friends. The Sailor Moon series has always been a love, and will continue to be as the one thing I truly love is how relatable all the characters are to someone out there. I’ll forever be a magical girl at heart. 


Jessica from The Crazy Bat Lady

When I think of magical girls I think of two things: girl-power and Sailor Moon. Like many children of the 90’s, Sailor Moon was the show that introduced me to the wondrous genre. While the cute appeal, femininity, animation, and of course, magic caught my eye- it was how empowered it made me feel that made me fall in love! I mean, how could I not? A group of female heroines using their friendship, mistakes and individual skill sets to help others (including the viewers) with life themes- while being themselves? JUST THE BEST 

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