Sailor Moon Accessories Giveaway from Vintage Virtue

Sailor Moon Accessories Giveaway from Vintage Virtue

Update: The giveaway has ended and the winners have been chosen, thanks for entering! 

BeFunky_Sailor Moon Set2 It isn’t just the courage of Magical Girls that inspires us, it’s their wardrobe, too! So it only makes sense that we honor our favorite courageous, and stylish, Sailor Senshi with a giveaway that is just as cute as their outfits! Vintage Virtue‘s Storenvy shop is filled with handmade geek chic accessories. She custom made these Sailor Scout hair bows above just for the Geek Girl Brunch giveaway!

Three Questions with Amy the Vintage Virtue Shop Owner!
Geek Girl Brunch: What’s Vintage Virtues origin story?

Amy: Well, Vintage Virtue began when I was looking for hair bows with a geeky theme, specifically I wanted Doctor Who related accessories since that in my main fandom, but I found that there was really nothing like what I wanted. I figured I would just make what I wanted myself and I then thought there were probably a lot of other women would like quality accessories that represented their specific fandom of choice.

GGB: We know it’s hard to narrow it down, but what are your top 10 geek loves?

Amy: Doctor Who is #1 for sure, The Avengers, specifically anything Captain America, Batman, Wonder Woman, Star Trek, Old school video games; anything Super Mario or Legend of Zelda, Star Wars and Harry Potter.

GGB: What’s your brunch drink of choice?

Amy: Mimosa, always mimosa.

5 lucky Magical Girls will win one Sailor Scout hair bow from Vintage Virtue! The giveaway ends on July 28th.

Click this link to enter our giveaway or enter on our Facebook page!

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