Star Wars VII – a digital brunch discussion

Star Wars VII – a digital brunch discussion

Welcome to Digital Brunch! Here is where the Geek Girl Brunch founders discuss a topic within the current theme and where you can join the conversation. This month’s Geek Girl Brunch theme is Star Wars:


Rachel: Hey Ladies! Let’s talk about Star Wars!! And most topically – Star Wars VII! Behold!


Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Anthony Daniels, Peter Mayhew, and Kenny Baker will be joined by John Boyega, Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver, Oscar Isaac, Andy Serkis, Domhnall Gleeson, and Max von Sydow.

There ARE rumors that Disney (it’s so weird to say Disney in this context. Soldiering on!) could announce more casting news. This initial peek at the main cast could be an effort at beating the leaks. If so, we can only hope there are more girls in store. Hopefully with lines and complicated back stories and thoughtful portrayals.

Just FYI – I’m a total Star Wars addict. It’s been my original and enduring fandom since.. forever. I don’t know a time when I wasn’t in love with Star Wars. However, I’m cautious. I’m not a fan of JJ Abrams but I’m hoping that Lawrence Kasdan’s involvement with the script will make it feel very “Star Wars”. Can’t really fault the man responsible for Empire (even if he also wrote Dreamcatcher?) (Who am I kidding? It’s only up from the Prequels!) But I just don’t know. Star Wars has always been mostly about the EU for me. And with Disney throwing it out I feel a bit adrift. I’m also a little wary of the inclusion of the OT cast. It might be fun. It might be totally depressing. Didn’t Harrison say he would only do it if they killed off Han Solo? (noooo).

Anyways, this new cast of relative unknowns looks great. I wish there were more ladies. I wish it wasn’t so heavy on the white dudes. I heard that Lupita Nyong’o is rumored to be in talks. That would be amazing! I’ve also been following Carrie Fisher’s tweets and she’s so funny and biting, she gives me hope!

For right now I’m going to let my inner 13 year old bask in the glory of NEW Star Wars.

What do you guys think?

Jamila: I am cautiously excited about the Star Wars reboot. When I first heard Disney bought Star Wars I was annoyed. What’s next? Our souls?! I’m a fan of the original trilogy. To be honest, I haven’t delved much into anything else. I’ve watched the prequels but I didn’t love them the same way I loved the OT. Maybe it’s because the OT will always give me that warm and fuzzy nostalgia feeling. Maybe it was the racist Jar Jar Binks character.

Once I heard that J. J. Abrams was the director my annoyance started to fade. But I still have a wall of caution up! I really liked the Star Trek reboot.

I don’t know much of the cast (except for the OGs), which I think is kind of cool. Andy Serkis is incredible so I’m pretty sure they will use his talents to the fullest. I watch Girls so I know how weird Adam Driver can be, I can see him being on the dark side. One person I’m super excited about is John Boyega. He played Moses in Attack the Block (which is freaking awesome). He’s the only person of color that has been cast that we know of so that sucks. But either way I’m happy for him. Another thing that sucks is the lack of women (two total). J. J., what’s up with that? I am really hoping they are going to announce some more ladies later.

I’m not completely sold on Star Wars VII. I’m hoping for the best, but not necessarily expecting it. But I know one thing I can expect, plenty of lens flares.

Yissel: I’m really excited. It’s hard to be a geek and not be excited about Star Wars on some level, because it has such a cult following. I’m also excited because I love, LOVE JJ.

#GeekConfession I have never been a huge SW fan, per se. Not in the fangirl sense. Rather in that I have a profound appreciation and respect for the series and all that it’s inspired. . I recognize it as something that’s always been a part of my life. I’d seen all the films, I’ve dated men who were/are obsessed (older men who actually saw the OT in theaters) but I wasn’t hooked until Ep I because Padme. Or more specifically because I’m an incredibly visual person and lusted after her wardrobe. And thank goodness for that wardrobe because despite my love for Natalie Portman she was awful in that film. Fortunately I also had Liam Neeson and Ewan McGregor to lust after in that piece.

I don’t idolize the main actors from the OT the way I worship at the altar of, say, Emma Watson, and their roles should come as no surprise to us. So oddly enough I’m actually the most excited for Andy Serkis. Since he’s the motion-capture king (King Kong, Gollum in LotR) I wonder if it’s the intent of Abrams to use him in that capacity this time around by making him some cgi alien, or if he’ll surprise us and we’ll get to see Andy as an actual person a-la his Ian Dury portrayal in Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll, or maybe he’ll play multiple roles!

And Rachel, really, Lupita?! I’m dying!

Rachel: I know, right? Lupita in Star Wars would be amazing. She would totally up the casting game for the film. No offense to Mr. Ford but if Disney wants to go the star power route, can’t do better than a gorgeous, talented Oscar winner!

I also have a soft spot for Phantom Menace because of Padme’s wardrobe (ok and Ewan McGregor). It’s so beautiful. I still have the Vogue issue that came out with the whole spread on her costumes (modeled by girls in attempted Amidala makeup). Hmmm #GeekConfession: I do not own Revenge of the Sith. I hate it too much :/

Here’s a tidbit I heard, Domhnall Gleeson has recently described his character as a “space pikey”. No idea if those are his exact words or not. But I’m scared. We don’t need another Jar Jar stereotype disaster! The rest of his comments in the article seem kind of crazy? So hopefully he (or the “journalist”) is just pulling our legs!

Jamila: Lupita the Goddess! UGH I adore her so much I can’t stand it. I would love it if she were cast, I’m hoping for some surprise announcements later with her name in them! I WILL BUY ALL THE TOYS WITH HER FACE ON THEM!

I had to google “pikey”. Eek! Domhnall, did you have the say that? Well, other than our beloved Bill Weasley using an ethnic slur to describe his character, I’m kinda diggin’ it! It sounds like he’s a scoundrel like Han and remind me of Firefly and Cowboy Bebop which is a good thing of course.

Rachel: People have been trying to predict the characters based on where they are sitting in the picture of the first read through. If Domhnall is  a smuggler, scoundrel, lawless type then where he is sitting doesn’t make much sense. If he’s largely comic relief, sitting next to Anthony Daniels.. that makes sense!

That leaves that whole upper left corner for the anti-heros and morally ambiguous types. I still think Serkis is playing an alien. Hopefully not a totally CGI alien. (Only because I think practical effects make Star Wars look like Star Wars. Sorry Jar Jar.)

Jamila: The human race should get an apology for Jar Jar’s existence. I don’t know what’s sadder; not having (many) people of color in sci-fi books or when they do put us in there, we are the alien race, the “other”. Jar Jar Binks is the perfect example of that. And it hurts even more when it’s from one of our favorite films. I feel it’s a little irresponsible after all of these films and countless planets and races that there aren’t more PoC. Here’s hoping Disney adds some diversity with the upcoming films.

Yissel: Ha, I looked it [pikey] up too! I like the idea of a space gypsy. I think I’m most turned on by the idea because it’s Bill Weasley. lol.  I think it makes a lot of sense. I feel like the SW universe is inundated with bounty hunters. People hunting people for $$$. I’m not surprised they’re going to highlight someone like this, who just takes what they want/need to get by.  On the one hand it sounds like this character will play a vital role, as he’s probably pilfered some useful items or will be recruited to procure them! On the other hand, I could see him providing some comic relief if we’re first introduced to the character seen picking the pockets of dignitaries. I imagine it playing out like “The Fortuneteller,” (Rachel the art history major will appreciate the reference.) –even though he looks like the guy in the painting getting swindled– before he’s on a more serious mission.


Rachel: I think you are definitely on to something, Yissel. Perhaps Bill Weasley’s character will steal something that needs to be recovered! The classic Star Wars chase!

Also, check out this video:

Definitely Tatooine. What is that alien? Is that some kind of Dug? No matter, I’m STOKED to see practical effects! Bring on the puppets and models! BRING ‘EM!

Jamila: SO COOL! I agree, it looks like Tatooine. The first thing that came to my mind when I saw the grandpa looking alien was The Dark Crystal which I was obsessed with as a kid (I also had a crush on Jen who was a puppet but we aren’t here for that). It looks very Jim Henson, I think it’s the hunchback that made me think of the Dark Crystal specifically.

Rachel: I’m glad to see the charity stuff starting early this production! Abrams can be so secretive during filming,  it’s nice to get sneak peaks and feel like the people who are making this movie (yea it’s just a movie but whatever, it’s really important to me and I’m sure so many others) actually care!

Who knows what other surprises are coming for Star Wars VII! If we get any more this month, I’ll put them in the comments!

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