Origin Story: Jamila is a geek writer and overall fangirl, currently living in South Florida but reps The Bronx. She launched Girl Gone Geek Blog in 2010, where she writes about geek culture. She’s also a Kawaii Trap Lord and curates Straight Outta Gotham, a Tumblr blog of geeky rap lyrics shared as gifs and memes. She plans to start writing her own comics in the future and become the creepy cat lady that lives next door.

Geeky Top Ten: Doctor Who, Game of Thrones/ASoIaF, Cowboy Bebop, Grant Morrison, Neil Gaiman, Studio Ghibli, Akira, Image Comics, Portal and Shoujo/Josei Romance Manga

Brunch Drink: Bellini

Anime Boyfriend: Yutaka Gouda