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Origin Story:
Mollie is a family doctor and major geek. She has 1 poorly behaved dog, 2 poorly behaved cats, and 1 angel of a cat that she wishes she could clone. She is an avid reader who appreciates anything with a good plot and character development, and is a major history buff. She is a lifelong West Virginian and currently lives in Morgantown with her husband, daughter, and their fur children.

Top 5 Geek-Outs:
Doctor Who, Studio Ghibli, Just all the books, Wonder Woman, and Science

Favorite Brunch Drink:
English breakfast tea and mimosas


Origin Story:
Cathy’s descent into geekdom started many years ago when she got her first computer as a teenager. This led to an education in computer science along with an interest in video games, and pretty much all of the other fandoms followed. In the past, she worked as a data analyst, but currently she is living out her entrepreneurial dream of running her own business (Bubble and Geek) full-time. She lives in Bridgeport with her fellow geek husband, daughter, and cat (Buffy).

Top 5 Geek-Outs:
It’s really hard to just pick 5! But if I have to, here goes: Star Wars, Harry Potter, Video Games (currently Blizzard/Overwatch), Outlander, and Game of Thrones.

Favorite Brunch Drink:
Coffee or tea

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Origin Story:
Vicki is a geek girl party planner extraordinaire. Working at a tech company full of computer geeks for over 10 years, she is a lover of all forms of geekdom and even married a major DnD nerd. She enjoys raising her two daughters who once asked for TMNT and Barbies for the same Christmas, a major parenting success. Lover of travel, history and an ancient alien enthusiast, Vicki hopes to one day retire from her job and write novels as she travels to all the major cities of the world.

Top 5 Geek-Outs:
 Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Star Trek, Everything Disney, Ancient Aliens

Favorite Brunch Drink:
Bottomless Mimosas

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