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The East Lansing Officers

Abbey W. G.

Imperial Officer, Art Museum Director, Lipstick Lover, Cocktail Maker, Rabid MSU fan, Professional Prosecco Taster.

Origin Story: Abbey spent most of elementary school in full Queen Amidala regalia (& still maybe does the lipstick thing when reapplying). Co-founder Kathleen is proud to report (having known Abbey since she was 6) that Abbey has never shied away from her Geek Pride. When most people were keeping it on DL, Abbey was an early supporter of the Motor City Comic-Con where she and her friends organized and hosted panels as well as brought their A-Game with cosplay. After spending 2 years working in Washington, DC as a political finance cog & slaving away for political party leadership, Abbey moved home to Michigan to run a small, non-profit Art Museum. Now home and alongside her Han, Chester, the two screaming MSU fans planned a Star Wars Chic wedding in the Summer of 2016. Abbey also loves to cook, try new proseccos, and design her own costumes, & is most currently super geeked about her first house, a historical stunner!

Geeky Top-Ten: Star Wars, Star Wars Expanded Universe, Star Wars Rebels (I like Star Wars, okay?), Marvel, Art and Interior Design, Cooking, Battlestar Galactica, Politics, Cosplay, Books.

Life Motto: “I don’t do drugs. I am drugs.” – Salvador Dali


Twitter: @AbbeyWG

Instagram: @AbbeyTheGreat

Kathleen E.

Walking IMDB, GryfflePuff, SNL devote, Home Cook, HR Professional, Theatre Geek, Corgi lover.

Origin Story: Kathleen started out as a geek young. When you’re an only child, you learn to entertain yourself quickly. After learning most kids do not spend their free time watching Turner Classic Movies, or Golden Girl/ Designing Women marathons,  or reading historical novels, Kathleen quickly learned to read up on as much pop culture information as she could get her hands on.  Finding that she had a knack for remembering trivia for shows, movies, and events including the ones she didn’t even watch. Kathleen then went on to graduate from Albion College with a dual degree in Communications and Theatre, completing an internship with The Royal Court Theatre in London, as well as O’Connor Casting in Chicago. Kathleen also completed 2 years of service as an AmeriCorps *VISTA in Lansing, MI. She now happily transfers her theatre savvy, knack for weird details and names into the HR world working for the U.S. headquarters of a German company.  When not at work she loves to cook with friends, read, explore, and see as many movies as she can take in. She is also the very proud big cousin of GGB Las Vegas co-founder Kayce! Glad that forming chapters is now a family business:)

Geeky Top-Ten: Theatre, Doctor Who, History, SNL/Comedy, Marvel, Harry Potter, the Golden Girls, MGM Musicals, Corgis, BBC.

Life Motto: [insert Golden Girls quote here]


Twitter: @kce1487

Instagram: @kce1487 

Danielle G.

Spartan Grad, OG OC, Kate Spade enthusiast, FaceOff Convert (#T8isGr8), IT adjacent, concert maven, Comic-Con frequent flyer, Gryffindor.

Origin Story: Danielle’s first obsession started at the age of 8 with the Detroit Red Wings and her first love, Brendan Shanahan. She was such a devote that she even went as the Stanley Cup for Halloween in the 4th grade.  As Danielle grew, her horizons of interest did too. While working at Hot Topic, she became a frequent concert goer parlaying this love into planning concerts and events as part of the MSU POP Entertainment group. While in College she also learned to let her Geek flag fly and embraced her inner Gryffindor. Now part of the admin team for a Car Company’s IT, she and her best friend Meg have solid Comic-Con strategy; hitting the NOLA, Chicago, Cleveland, and Motor City Comic-Cons. She also fosters future generations of Geeks by starting their devotion to Harry Potter, music, and the Red Wings from the baby shower.

Geeky Top-Ten: Harry Potter, Comic-Con, Ryan Adams, The OC, FaceOff (#t8isgr8), Chris Evans, Moscow Mules, Detroit Red Wings, Nick Hornby, Concerts.

Life Motto: “Steady my soul, ease my worry.” Ryan Adams


Twitter: @danigregoire

Instagram: @thedanigreg

Laura S.

Board Game Fanatic, Hufflepuff, Crazy Cat Lady, Dance Floor Initiator, Halloween Obsessor, 2017 Grand Rapids PotterCon Costume Contest Winner.

Origin Story: Hailing from Owensboro, Kentucky, Laura truly embraced her geekiness in 2001, when she picked up “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” and didn’t put the series down until all the books were released.  Having grown up with almost no pop culture influence, HP unlocked a whole new side of Laura, so she proudly let her geek flag fly.  Laura attended the University of Kentucky, where she served as news editor of the daily university paper.  She then crossed the pond to study abroad at the University of Lancaster in England, where she studied English literature and fangirled over everything British.  After getting engaged to her Ron Weasley in 2012, they moved to Berkeley, California and attended their very first comic con, which changed their lives forever!  Since moving to Lansing in 2016, Laura has fully embraced the nerd life and has found her tribe in GGBEL!  In her spare time, Laura enjoys hosting parties, taking photos, playing pub trivia, hanging out with her cat Mrs. Figg, and reading super long fantasy book series (I’m looking at you, Wheel of Time).

Geeky Top-Ten: Harry Potter, Broadway musicals, fantasy book sagas (LotR, GoT, Wheel of Time, Stormlight Archive), Star Wars (love me some Rebels!), Disney, British TV shows, Parks and Recreation, true crime podcasts, Super Smash Bros (or really any N64 game), cosplay.

Life Motto: “I’m big enough to admit that I am often inspired by myself.” – Leslie Knope


Twitter: @larsmaur

Instagram: @larsmaur