Long Island, NY

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Meet Tamara! The mama bat, paranormal investigating, baby witch.

Working in video games for almost 20 years, and a huge fan of them for a lot longer than that. Horror / Zombie games may be a favorite genre, but can also give you a list of cozy type of games to check out in five minutes or less. Enjoys crafting on the weekends, audio books on the train, and true crime on the daily. Favorite every day clothing color of choice may be black, but will wear pink for Barbie.

Favorite Drink: Amaretto Sour

Top Fandoms:

  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Veronica Mars
  • Resident Evil

Meet Nicki! Spooky season is every season here

The enigmatic traveler whose soles have tread upon the hallowed lands of Middle-earth and places beyond.  In the muggle world, she serves as a nurse and proudly wears the colors of Hufflepuff, but deep within, the spirit of Gryffindor burns brightly.

Nicki’s journey through fandom has transported her across the breathtaking landscapes of Westeros, Mid World, and Middle Earth just to name a few. She is a true ‘constant reader,’ having devoured all things Steven King. Her heart is ablaze with love for eerie stories, horror movies, board games, crafting and all things Halloween.

Beyond her literary escapades, Nicki  is a craft cocktail aficionado, specializing in tiki-inspired concoctions, and loves cooking new and interesting things. Additionally she loves Futurama, Halloween Horror nights, all things Tim Burton, Arrested development and studio Ghibli.

Brunch drink: spicy Bloody Mary don’t forget the bacon! 

Fictional Crush: Micheal Cera