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Official Chapter Re-Launch: TBD 2020 (you can thank COVID-19)

Theme: Games


Picture of Geek Girl Brunch Kansas City Officer, Amanda


Amanda is a KC transplant who has lived all over the country.  With geek loves ranging from the traditional (Star Wars) to the slightly more obscure (HEMA and Krav Maga), she is happy to talk about anything that you find exciting and geek out with you. As the resident DM, you can expect to see a D&D campaign or two pop up within the group, so if you’re a veteran player looking for a game or a newbie who wants to learn the ropes, keep an eye on her posts! One of the founding officers of the original GGBKC, she is excited to bring the crew back together and add some new faces!

Strongest current geek obsession: Thrawn (he will probably always be my #1 tbh)

Geeky Top Ten: Star Wars, My Little Pony, HEMA, Krav Maga, Dungeons & Dragons, video games, snail mail, writing, photography, paper crafting

Brunch Drink of Choice: Mimosa

Twitter: @amavongeek
Instagram: @amavongeek
Discord: @Liraele#2485
Snapchat: @ajm202

Picture of Geek Girl Brunch Kansas City Officer, Ashley


Ashley’s Origin Story: Ashley is a Missouri native who “grew up” mostly in the Kansas City and surrounding areas. (Let’s be honest, does anyone ever reeeealllly grow up?) Like many, she began her course to geekhood with books, movies, and video games. From making her own costumes as a child to making her own scrubs as a nurse, this nerdy girl needed a group of friends that understands her, so she relaunched the Kansas City GGB Chapter! She is always looking for more geeky things to immerse herself in, so GGB provides the perfect avenue! She has spawned a tiny human, also a geek, with her majorly geeky husband (I also heard he DM’s their D&D games). Her dream is to convert all non-geek believers in the universe, beginning with her hometown.

Geeky Top Ten: Dungeons & Dragons, Critical Role, Marvel, The Office, Firefly, Harry Potter, Gaming of any kind, weird/random facts, Coheed and Cambria, Twenty One Pilots

Brunch Drink of Choice: Moscato D’Asti or Crown & Coke-there is no in-between

Twitter:  @helluvasaint1
Facebook: /helluvasaint1
Discord: ashleysmith718#6738