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What is the Fox Valley? It’s anywhere around or near Appleton, Oshkosh, and Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Our hub is in Oshkosh, but we’ll be hitting up Fox Valley locations for our brunching fun.

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Sarah lives near Oshkosh, WI, but is originally from Milwaukee. She has also lived outside of Raleigh, NC and in Edinburgh, Scotland. Sarah loves playing board games and geeking out over t-shirts. As a child, Sarah lived in a home with ghostly activity, which caused her to venture out into the world and investigate at places such as the Edinburgh Vaults, Waverly Sanitorium, and Ohio State Reformatory. Sarah is always excited to talk about ghosts and games. She has a BA in English Literature (minor in Philosophy), a MA in Film Studies, and spent three years working on a post-doctoral dissertation on the use of the nun character in films to represent the evolution of women’s rights in post-war Europe. Now she is a middle school teacher who also runs a youth tabletop game club and arranges community youth gaming events.

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Geeky Loves: Marvel, Tabletop Games, Star Wars, Stephen King, Zombies, and Ghost Hunting (and ghost shows). I also enjoy cooking and cooking shows, collecting Funko Pops, I have many geeky loves, but those are my tops.

Harry Potter House: Ravenclaw

Brunch Drink: The Chewbacca from Starbucks

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Charlene lives in Oshkosh with her husband, their sweet baby girl and their naughty little fur-jerk, Grumble. Together they own and manage a Tabletop Game store called Adventure Games! Charlene discovered her love of anything fantasy related as a young child devouring books faster than they could be printed. Her personal favorites include Harry Potter, Outlander, and the Stephanie Plum series. She has an associate degree in Meeting and Event Management which she puts to good use running various game leagues and tournaments each week as well as a yearly gaming convention in Oshkosh.

Geeky Loves: Outlander, Tabletop Games, Harry Potter, Pokémon, Painting Miniatures, Time Travel, Lego, Disney Movies, Crochetting, The Magicians or really anything involving magic!

Harry Potter House: Hufflepuff

Brunch Drink: A Dirty Chai tea or Sweet Sunrise