Fort Collins, Colorado

GGB Fort Collins

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Launch Brunch: January 2016  |    Launch Theme: X-Files

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Meet Our Fort Collins Officers!


Gretchen’s Origin Story: Making friends as an adult is hard. So when I moved to Fort Collins, not knowing anyone, I was excited to see a flyer for Geek Girl Brunch in one of our local game shops. I was so grateful to be able to join in as a total stranger and make friends.
Geeky Top Ten: The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, D&D, Paradise Killer, Board Games, Cosplaying, Anime, Making Youtube Videos about gaming and makeup, ADHD-like crafting, Overwatch & Manga.
Brunch Drink: Anything with mango in it.
Fictional Waifu: Emma Millstein or Satsuki Kiryuin


Robyn’s Origin Story: Robyn has known she was a geek since birth. But it truly became apparent when, at a very young age, her barbies got to ride on her brother’s model of the Millennium Falcon. She also enjoyed watching Star Trek with her dad while growing up. Thinking she was an unusual person growing up in a time where geekdom was not embraced, she held in as long as she could. It wasn’t until she got much older when she exclaimed “screw it!!” and came into her full geekhood. She is happily living in her geekdom world now, along with her very geeky husband who shares almost all the same interests. Robyn is a CSU alum with a degree in Theatre, emphasis on performance. Robyn taught theatre to youngsters for eleven years, and is now the Development Director at Bas Bleu Theatre. She is also a spooky tour guide for the Fort Collins Ghost Tours. She enjoys performing, directing, reading, traveling, D&D, and binge watching all her favorite geeky shows and movies. She has two poodle mixes, Zoey and Benny and is a part time makeup artist at a studio in Loveland. She hopes that someday she can move to London and do special effects makeup for the BBC. She is thrilled to be an officer for GGB and loves all the geeky bonding that happens at brunch. Allonsey!

Geeky Top Ten: Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, D&D, LOTR, Dr. Who, TNMT, Star Trek, Star Wars, Marvel, The Office/Parks and Rec.
Brunch Drink: Bottomless Mimosas
Fictional Boyfriend: Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly, or John Snow from GOT