Columbus, OH

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Meet your Columbus, Ohio Officers

Brandi’s Origin Story:

Brandi (Right) and her teen daughter, Teagan (Left)

Brandi is a Colorado native but has lived in Columbus for 9+ years and considers it home. Currently attempting to stay sane while being married to her husband, John, and raising three kids, Teagan, Jonnie and Spike. She loves her family, her two dogs (Wuffo and Dumbledore) and her cat, Dobby, drawing, planning and all things true crime. In the middle of choir concerts and gymnastics class busing, she enjoys using the force on traffic, attempting to brew new potions in her instant pot, and making her face makeup as dramatic as possible. On days where mom duties are avoidable you will find her watching the ID channel, re-reading the Harry Potter series, or trying to teach her children the finer things in life, such as Disney Villians and 80’s culture. She is able to recite nearly any Disney animated film, has been known to geek out publicly over the mention of the Doctor, and hasn’t really ever met a stranger.

Geek Top 10: Star Wars, Harry Potter, The Avengers, Bobs Burgers, Doctor Who, True Crime, Disney, Sherlock, Supernatural.

Brunch Drink: Orange Juice

Fictional Boyfriend: Eugene

Facebook: BrandiLee     Instagram: TheSmiLee5

Kristan’s Origin Story:

kristanggbKristan is a transplant to Columbus via Cincinnati, via Helena, MT, via Harrisburg, PA via Fox Lake, IL via San Diego, CA via Athens, GA (whew!). She’s lived in Columbus for 15 years now, and when she isn’t a super bad ass investigator for Franklin County Child Support, she LOVES entertaining in her home, cosplay, renaissance festivals, her Lady Gang, wigs, costumes, Unicorns, and boozy brunches! She currently lives in the Kenmore Park area with her boyfriend Hank, their dog Thor, and two mafia kitties Vinnie and Murray.

Geeky Top Ten: Doctor Who, Star Wars, Star Trek, Super Heros, Renaissance Playtron, LOTR, GOT, Stranger Things, Minecraft, Video Games in general, Steven Universe, and her boyfriend Hank. (That’s more than 10..sorry not sorry!)

Brunch Drink: Does it have vodka in it then yes! Champagne in there too…? OK!

Fictional Boyfriend: Simon Pegg

Twitter: KristanETaylor      Instagram: kristanetaylor      Facebook: kristanetaylor